Trump’s Debate Performance Was an Embarrassing Debacle: A Closer Look

Published on September 30, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump debasing himself and the nation on live TV and his deranged sycophants making excuses for his performance.

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  • cassie dwyer 4 months ago

    Omg 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Trump just gets worse & worse. There is no bottom! Please mates in USA, do the world a favour & make Trump a terrible 4 years you put in the past……. we’re counting on you! Love from the rest of the world! x

  • Unmesh L. 4 months ago

    He wants to divide the country into Left and Right. He’s not even being subtle about it. Come on, no matter what your personal politics are, you have to see that that’s unbefitting of the leader of a nation.

  • Kuro myou 4 months ago

    6:12 when you take your large breed puppy for a walk around the neighborhood at the same time as everyone else is walking their dog.

  • lexi medved 4 months ago

    I kept wondering why they don’t just cut Trumps mic when it wasn’t his turn

  • Richard Carrie 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does a group calling themselves Proud Boys sound like a group of paedophiles?

  • Carlos V 4 months ago

    Listen up trump turd supporters is the time to inject clorox /lysol of your choice.. It will do a tremondoes Cleaning in a matter of seconds or you can shine powerful light to kill the virus and you need to take 2 chloroquine pills a day to fight the virus… Listen to me because im a guy with a you know what!!!!
    And if you dies its not my fault. Its CHINA

  • Erich Hoefert 4 months ago

    Joe Biden + Chris Wallace < T R U M P

  • AnythingAuto 4 months ago

    Wooooo Boy! The Republican Party is going to suffer from all this so badly.

    By 2030 the President, and Senate will be all, new, fresh Democrats.

    Republicans, as a whole, are killing Americans faith, in their party. Unless your a BILLIONAIRE tycoon.

  • Lelynn Miller 4 months ago

    Biden used the words “Trump” & “smart,” in the SAME sentence, *& Trump took it as an insult…* 🙄

  • jadeysavoy 4 months ago

    Well said!

  • Jeanette Andersson 4 months ago

    279 Proud Boys dislikes this video, 😜😜👍👍

  • Allan Pattison 4 months ago

    What would these 2 guys know about an alpha male? They support a beta male bully, who thinks that his tactics show how tough he is! He’s a coward; he’s a draft dodger; a narrsisistic bully with authoritarian tendencies & fascist dreams!! He’s a lousy businessman. The proof, he bankrupted 3 casinos. Every time orange boy opens his mouth, he tells a lie. Remember, he’s a proven pathological liar!! He can’t seem to help himself. Vote blue in the November election! Kick orange boy out of the office he’s not qualified to hold!! Vote blue to: defend our Constitutionality guaranteed freedoms; to defend our govt as a Constitutional Republic; to repair the divison orange boy has created bc he enjoys the confusion! It’s a distraction from his mismanagement of the response to the coronavirus. Vote blue to keep America the ‘Shining City on a Hill’!

  • Liam Donnelly 4 months ago

    man i love this guys jokes

  • Su zanne 4 months ago

    I suggest Supernanny as the next moderator and install a timeout corner for the presidential candidate who cannot follow simple rules, throws a tantrum or tells lies.

  • Nunya Business 4 months ago

    Fox news sole job is to keep their viewers from realizing their Orange con-artist clown Emperor has no clothes

  • thedivineparagon 4 months ago

    George Carlin once said “This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out.”

  • Wastelander 2281 4 months ago

    Seth you and the rest of Biden fans try and make Biden look good by making Trump look bad. There’s nothing positive to say about Biden so you all focus on the negative parts of Trumps personality and go on and on and on about them. Nobody is perfect and yeah Trump is annoying but that dont mean he is a bad president.

  • Nathan Fleming 4 months ago

    Nobody but liberal media thinks this was a disaster and president trump lost the first debate

  • Charles Thomason 4 months ago

    lol cry me a river, losers. You are not convincing anyone, not even yourselves. Biden has tanked in the polls, he doesn’t know where he is without an earpiece or teleprompter, and he proceeds to get bullied throughout the debates. You’ve lost. Again.


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