Trump’s Cybersecurity Expert Fell For Email Spam

Published on August 2, 2017

A prankster posing as various White House officials was able to solicit responses from Anthony Scaramucci and, even more alarmingly, Trump’s authority on cybersecurity and homeland security advisor Thomas Bossert.

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  • Steve Mannering 3 years ago


  • Get Rekt 3 years ago

    This story is particularly amusing. Can you imagine what Trump supporters and Republicans would have said if Obama’s cybersecurity expert fell for email spam? They would be screaming from the rooftops about how Obama was a threat to national security and how this was the biggest scandal ever. But since it’s Trump they will call it fake news.

  • Ruth Fitzpatrick 3 years ago

    One of the joys of life: turning on your computer, first thing in morning, coffee in hand, and discovering Colbert has just been uploaded.


  • Turbid TG1 3 years ago

    2 parts again, dammit Colbert YouTube show uploader, this is why we can’t have nice things! (shakes fist at)

  • Tweety Tweety 3 years ago

    2016: But her emails!
    2017: But his emails! ??

  • Ocean's 8 is coming in 2018 3 years ago


  • Tom Fredrick 3 years ago

    That tribute song yesterday was hilarious

  • deprofundis 3 years ago

    The self-leaking in this white house is causing some serious drainage problems. I thought that removal of swamp matter was covered in Trump’s original estimate?

  • Leah Sartoris 3 years ago

    Dear Robert Mueller and the Obstruction of Justice League: Hurry!!!

  • Toad Jiang 3 years ago

    Who would have thought that Eric turned out to be the smart one?

  • UpJohn 2.7 3 years ago

    Trump,s Cybersecurity fell for spam?…yup, trump only hire the best people…argh

  • assassintwinat8 3 years ago

    Apparently, Eric didn’t catch on right away. He thought the email was from his brother, Don Jr., that was talking about “hunting the witch hunters.” Eric mentioned it was good timing and alluded to a meeting they had later that day that was evidently relevant to the prankster’s subject matter.
    The key word here is “apparently.” I heard this, I’m not sure if it actually happened. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Abicus Rex 3 years ago

    My girlfriend might get mad at me for cumming fast, but at least i don’t last as short as the mucc

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    So Spicer formed a Heavy Metal band.. That must be like heavenly bliss after having worked in trump’s mad house.
    And yeah, he actually looks good for a change.

  • João Rita 3 years ago

    Colbert is better than coffee to wake up, these days…

  • Taranjot Singh 3 years ago

    Im early let me think of a joke

    Anthony Scaramucci

  • goodsirknight 3 years ago

    How fucking inept.

  • Thilo Manten 3 years ago

    I cannot imagine Jared IS Lord Buckethead!

  • BdR76 3 years ago

    I bet Trump thinks “hacking” involves screens with big flashing images of skull & crossbones

  • Cloud 兵士 3 years ago

    So Trump will hire anyone, if that person starts kissing his a$$.


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