Trump’s Coronavirus Response Timeline | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • Lauren-Kate Kush 5 months ago

    Meanwhile the audience was a Petri dish

  • Nongthombam Malemnganba 5 months ago

    Honestly I feel sorry for Americans…

  • Husky Passion 5 months ago

    17:50 he’s a moron, i’m so geting fired !

  • Paranoid Heart 5 months ago

    He makes George Bush look great.

  • Christopher Gomez 5 months ago

    Every criticism of Trump is always things he says rather than the action he takes

  • SyntaxTerr0r 5 months ago

    Trump is doing his own thing to help combat climate change: the more fat mricans die, the less they pollute (and an average mrican is worth 4 Chinese and 10 Indians on that matter).
    Go on Donald, the whole planet is sure you can raise the death toll to 1 million!

  • Nancy Jerningan 5 months ago

    P.Trump did say it was A Hoax,during the outbreak.

  • McMunhuu 5 months ago

    I’m not american but i really want obama back.

  • Justin Chance 5 months ago

    Delay – Deny – Divide – Deceive – Donuts! Yes, friends, even you can be president if you follow my five steps to success. Available now for the low, low price of your integrity.

  • cs e 5 months ago

    so glad i GTFO of america.

  • Richard Wood 5 months ago

    Trevor need to write history books so folks remember what wealth really looks like.

  • Susanta Thapalia 5 months ago

    Whats Trevor doing wearing sui..wait a minute, im high.

  • Avi Jha 5 months ago

    Imagine FOX airing this. A YouTube channel has more content than actual news channel.

  • Davelle Coleman 5 months ago

    Overall, there is a good chance you’re not gonna die. But there is also quite a number of deleterious rungs on the ladder between death and nothing happening at all. The talk of pulmonary fibrosis is the only thing that really freaks me out about the virus.

  • Fross 5 months ago

    Yeah, nobody definitely said “how do you know so much.

  • dawnswindow2237 5 months ago

    I unsubscribed. Your nothing but more anti Trump propaganda. Trump is greatest President America has ever had. I cannot wait to vote for him again in 2020.
    Many more would have died if not for his early action. Pelosi and Schumer were yelling too early and racism when he stopped flights. Pelosi was too wrapped up in her lying bogus Russian collusion and ridiculous impeachment to give a damn about the American people. What Trump and his administration has been off is miraculous. ❤ TRUMP 2020 ❤ or China and the Globalists will own America. We will not let it happen

  • TheCactus117 5 months ago

    Donald Trump personality is Voldemort personality.

  • 7rob27 5 months ago

    I think I have developed the Tourette syndrome. Every time I hear Trump saying something stupid (basically every time he opens his mouth), I’m starting to shout from the top of my lungs
    “Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut ….”

  • Artemissme 5 months ago

    Check out Nowthis News’ Corona Virus Timeline too. It makes him look much more idiotic

  • Kevin 5 months ago

    you know what Trump is a very funny guy😂😂


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