Trump’s Capitol Riot Demands Denied, Alex Jones’ $965 Million Hissy Fit & MORE KIDS for Herschel?

Published on October 12, 2022

NASA rammed a spaceship into an asteroid a few weeks ago to knock it off course and it worked, a few commercials ran back to back during the Dodgers game last night that really said it all, the series finale of the January 6th hearings are tomorrow and Liz Cheney and the gang are expected to present new evidence, Trump is said to be furious that they wouldn’t let him go to the Capitol himself to lead his army of dumb, Trump wants the Supreme Court to step in and rule on the documents stashed in his basement at Mar-a-Lago, Herschel Walker sat down with ABC News last night to set the record straight on his abortion scandal, we’ve learned about three children he kept out of the public eye and there could be more on the way, Alex Jones was ordered to pay $965 Million in damages to families affected by the Sandy Hook shootings, and we check in with Jessica Chastain whose dressing room somehow turned into a Spirit Halloween store.


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  • Michael Lewis 8 months ago

    I hope now that Alex Jones is taken down it gives general permission for our justice system to go after other people like Jones and the far right with no shame.

  • Denise Dey 8 months ago

    Alex Jones is a putrid piece of crap, he will never pay the families he tortured and should be put in jail immediately.

  • ScarlettJoe Handsome 8 months ago

    I once rammed a suppository into a hemorrhoid where it was deflected into a deep space.

  • Mshall S 8 months ago

    He can’t get back documents that he already sold….

  • Curl Dysfunction 8 months ago

    The Hershal Walker clips look more like it was taken in a bowling alley. Look behind the reporter

  • Albert Quinones 8 months ago

    Kimmel should start sweating about those flight logs.

  • Kim Lau 8 months ago

    Have him pay the fcck till death

  • our wet dogs 8 months ago

    A 76 year old adolescent teenager always wanting to get his own way and doing anything to avoid facing the music.

  • cathyannkailee 8 months ago

    From now on he’s Daddy Walker

  • Nathaniel Austin 8 months ago

    Herschel walker looks high.

  • MrJohnthefarmer 8 months ago

    I practically snorted out my coffee when Jimmy said that pulling out really wasn’t Herschel’s thing.

  • Johnjonson Fred 8 months ago

    How does that guy still wear Rolex’s knowing he’s defamed victims. Some people can’t stop sucking.

  • XAV LIONHEART 🌜 8 months ago

    you hurt my feelings. pay me $1Billion dollars


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