Trump’s Call With Ukraine Leader Sounds A Lot Like Blackmail

Published on September 25, 2019

The Late Show has obtained this exclusive audio recording of President Donald Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • Fur Ball 7 months ago

    This SO funny….
    But more sobering after reading the telephone transcripts.

    If there was doubt during the Mueller probe that Barr was Trumps personal lawyer, the Ukraine transcripts prove this unequivocally.

  • Jacob Custer 7 months ago

    This is truly the strangest timeline

  • hackhampride 7 months ago

    The tunnel bit was actually pretty funny.

  • Zombie NurseRN 7 months ago

    It does not surprise me. He really thinks that he is above the law. In his warped, delusional mind he thinks that he IS the law. Anyone remember that scene from Judge Dredd? “I AM THE LAW!!!!” He will be on par with other megalomaniac in the Hall of Infamy, like the Duce, and the Fuhrer.

  • Derek Shaw 7 months ago

    When Trump heard the Ukrainian colour revolution was Orange he must of assumed they’d be natural allies.

  • Echost Studio 7 months ago

    If they impeach Donald Trump there will be a non ironic Civil War people will die because 50% of Americans voted for him and they don’t care what people said he did they have guns and they will fight please do not do this

  • Alex Thomas 7 months ago

    But he can’t have garlic he is a vampire

  • Donovan 7 months ago

    If All of Trumps comments and actions were said & done by a 12 year-old child, that child would be punished and considered spoiled, uneducated and ill mannered but because it comes from the President of the United States, his supporters consider these statement bold, by a Maverick who is “just telling it like it is”.

  • International Harvester 7 months ago

    Who we kidding, Trump doesn’t allow Eric indoors.

  • Ross Carlson 7 months ago

    History will not remember this “president” kindly – he will be a cautionary tale for future generations about how hate, bigotry and divisiveness can and will tear a nation apart.

  • joel repp 7 months ago

    FDJT 24/7/52/365/4

  • Anthony Chew 7 months ago

    Which tunnel.

  • Armando Salinas 7 months ago

    U should of kept it going to where everyone gets on and it’s a big party line..

  • Роман Романченко 7 months ago

    Zelensky doesn’t speak like that

  • Karen Sullivan 7 months ago

    The real story will be told by the WHISTLEBLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything else is distraction !!!!
    Trump is misleading – he KNOWS THIS !!!!!!

  • Guy Newman 7 months ago

    This is pretty much correct now that the summary came out

  • Jack Shite 7 months ago

    You all really get your hopes up don’t you? Teflon Don is going nowhere, and sadly, who do the Dem’s have to take over? Sleep Joe? Pokahontus? Crazy Bernie? Crooked Hillary? Absolutely nobody. If we want someone better, we better dig deep because America is literally run by morons. It’s the blind leading the blind.

  • Jay Luck 7 months ago

    Lol, the Ukraine President sounds just like Niko Bellic from GTA 4!

  • Mish Mash 7 months ago

    ???????? #fucktrumpinhisarse

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger 7 months ago

    Haha I love that Stephen played Don jr.


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