Trump’s “Boring” 2024 Announcement & Elon’s “Hardcore” Work Demand | The Daily Show

Published on November 16, 2022

Trump announces his 2024 run for President with a boring speech, Beyoncé ties husband Jay-Z for most Grammy nominations ever, Elon Musk announces Twitter work environment will be “hardcore” moving forward, and WWIII isn’t happening…yet. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah




  • truckman9090 3 months ago

    Can’t understand Roywood Jr.

  • Cintron Flowers 3 months ago

    So nobody’s gonna mention the security guard in back of Ron DeSantis foot turned in like it’s broke

  • Gigi Guido 3 months ago

    The circus is back in town with Cheeto the clown

  • Thomas Moeller 3 months ago

    When the doors were locked, the spectators should just have been happy there was no bucket of pigs blood over the podium.

  • Brandon Fincher 3 months ago

    Let’s go Trump!

  • Yukosan13 3 months ago

    You know why he’s running early is if he gets convicted for Jan 6 then he can’t hold office (but really we should just toss him in jail already with his buddies.. then he can make his own reality show about being in prison 🙄)

  • Nugboy 420 3 months ago

    Sorry but Bernie’s eyeball is creeping me out 10:43

  • Brianna Wilson 3 months ago

    Lol, Florida man runs from the police by running for president.

  • erikaspausen 3 months ago

    Impeached twice but there is room for more 🙂

  • John Wixon 3 months ago

    I can see he’s lost a few pounds..Biden a few brain about America or who’s the most athletic..
    At old. I’ll go for bold…there both old …….I give up

  • Dave stir 3 months ago

    “This is our country” he says…. F you Mr. Trump, this is our country, not just yours and your followers. We voted you out, because we the majority of the people don’t want your leadership. This country doesn’t belong to one political party, it belongs to both. The only corruption in the justice system is the people you put in place.

  • heather ladd 3 months ago

    He’s right. We cannot underestimate him and forget what happened in 2016 when we did

  • Nick Vk 3 months ago

    Stop fearmongering about Trump. It would be great if he became the nominee. The only other viable option is Ron Desantis. Unlike trump who is a fascist Desantis is a capable and intelligent fascist.

    If Trump wins you get a loser who tries to overthrow democracy. If desantis wins you get a loser who will overthrow democracy.

  • Paul Charvet 3 months ago

    How does security lock you in?
    I absolutely assure you, I would be the nuttiest person you ever saw trying to stop me!!!!!!!!!!!! Absurd!!!

  • Dade Keshinro 3 months ago

    Facts Trevor!!!!!

  • Tina Thompson 3 months ago

    What is the point of impeachment if Trump can still run for president or any government position.

  • Jammie Booker 3 months ago

    His MAGA slogan changed from red to blue. Maybe some blue MAGA hats are a way to get more merchandise sales and differentiate those who are still drinking the Kool-aid.

  • JiTengful 3 months ago

    Who are all this people?

  • Robert Weber 3 months ago

    … #Ghettoball®️ Rules! Find us via #Spotify, baby!

  • Mark 3 months ago

    USA great again lol there was never a first time ,there history is as bad as the english taking land by force


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