Trump’s Approval Rating, Animal Manure Notebooks – Monologue



  • U_ForCE CityShow 12 months ago


  • Estelle Bright 12 months ago

    That hilarious app. Lol.

  • roof pizza 12 months ago

    Wait, you can get Kentucky Fried Pufferfish?

  • Jay 12 months ago

    Number 2 pencil. a-Haaaaaaaaaaww.

  • Penny Lane 12 months ago

    I think Trump meant to say “doubleplusgood.”

  • OldRaver1 12 months ago

    An app for people to save them hauling their fat asses down to McDonalds when the ice cream machine is broken! 😱🙄

  • Arjun Kay 12 months ago

    Why don’t the White House produce books from recycled bullshit. They’d make a fortune selling it.

  • OldRaver1 12 months ago

    I have elephant dung note paper! (Been a ‘thing’ for at least a decade)
    (No, it does not smell🙄)

  • NexisFilms 12 months ago

    Seth’s Bernie impression is spot on !

  • Sven Tempest 12 months ago

    36% Approval.
    That’s still insanely high…
    _What is wrong with over a third of America…?_
    Thank goodness for the other sane ones being the majority…

  • Aaron Eisenberg 12 months ago

    that Bernie joke was soooo spot on

  • Ashcool 12 months ago

    Bernie Sanders is the perfect anti-Trump, if you need one. Just like Trump’s policies are impossibly harmful, Sanders’ policies are impossibly helpful. At least he looks out for people and the environment.

  • Isaac Kotlicky 12 months ago

    That last one was great! why did they flush the reaction?

  • Dantro 12 months ago

    The Ballad of Tiny Hands
    Part 1 – Tiny Hands tries to erect a palace, but gets checked and balanced.

    A tale as the hour grows old, of souring polls and cowering trolls, of facepalms and eye-rolls no power controls..for in Trump towers I’m told even the showers are gold.
    A tale for the ages, come one and come all for layered plots like nesting dolls and a president obsessed with walls, to fray your wits and test your balls and best of all, to witness the impressive fall of an Orange Etch A Sketch and his wretched thralls.
    For basically their case is weak, but each and every wasted week with foot in mouth they race to speak and wonder how they taste defeat. These foul Hydes, not even a Jekyll could save. Now they’re wrecked and afraid, getting heckled and drained. I reckon these knaves are headed for a reckoning day. Proud of our system for keeping them in check every step of the way.
    So raise your glass and sing. Rave and laugh with an audible ring.
    Tiny Hands, you whiny man, just an ass with no class who thought he was king.

  • Denis Robert 12 months ago

    Poo paper notebooks have been sold in many zoos for years now… now new.

  • Mercy 12 months ago

    So are we just going to accept the fact that 36% of people in the United States are STILL supporting Trump after everything that has happened over the span of a year?!

  • Illjwamh 12 months ago

    I laughed for a good 15 seconds at that last joke.

  • duchesswannabe 12 months ago

    36 % ??? it should be in the negative numbers by now. wtf is wrong with people?!

  • judge me not by my web history Loktu 12 months ago

    If you need the app you paradoxicly need the walk to go check instead

  • camelshit 12 months ago

    How can Manure in Chief’s rating be so high !?

    Some orange toxic fumes from the Tweet House swamp must be trumputrefying the minds of people..


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