Trump’s Annual Physical, Live Action Aladdin – Monologue



  • Abnormal Wrench 6 months ago

    That tweet should have been “Bitches be cray”

  • MoneyTrain James 6 months ago

    The will Smith hate is unreal smh

  • CoolStoryBruh 6 months ago

    You really beat a dead horse explaining that joke *buh-dum-ts*

  • 4c1dr3fl3x 6 months ago

    Trump staff selection process: “I like what this guy is shoveling! It amplifies all my opinions. Must be real news!”

  • Shivam Jaiswal 6 months ago

    *We didn’t know rage tweeting like some edgy teen was hard work.*

  • Peter Matthews 6 months ago

    Seth, you don’t need to say more to disprove someone’s statement when they don’t provide evidence in the first place and wasn’t Obama’s response to the same question “Of course I inhaled, that’s the point”?

  • Neo The Boxer 6 months ago

    Love Seth, but hate how he’s always making fun of Bernie. It is a subversive tactic to keep painting him in a bad light and it is disgusting. Wish he’d stop. But he is not alone.

  • Payne_is_good R.J. 6 months ago

    seth your math is off Carter was President 1976-1980 so 1976 is 43 years ago LOL

  • Walter De wit 6 months ago

    Kamilla Harris admits she smoked in college and swallowed.

  • Xario Withoutalastname 6 months ago

    Wait… is Will Smith doing… blueface?

  • Georgia L 6 months ago

    Nice graphics bro

  • TWSTF 8 6 months ago

    Can’t wait until the day that one of these DOESN’T begin with, “Let’s get to the News, President Trump….”

  • xtopher foster 6 months ago

    That poor horse was probably cold & sick of all the damn snow !

  • Pixie Fairy 6 months ago

    Seth going meta needs to be an elective course in college.

  • Earl Gray 6 months ago

    * * * As a loving, caring father I commit every fiber of my being to lead by example. Encouraging my young children to watch the news with me every evening to become aware of their world and the value of knowledge. But this has changed due to the audacity of the vile, vulgar, bombastic, evil devil occupying the Whitehouse. You see my sons & daughters began watching the news before Tump and occasionally there was content that I felt was inappropriate. However during a recent newscast they giggled at the word “pornstar” and asked me to set-up a telescope and find it. I do not blame the legitimate media (Fox and Breitbart not included) for the reporting. Adults must know the truth. I abruptly changed the subject and explained the importance of voting in order to make sure that a very bad man will not become president ever again as Donald Trump has. Thankyou Donald J. Trump (unworthy of being addressed as President Trump) due to your dreadful conduct I must deny my precious children access to news casts, instead I read the newspaper where I can sensor what they hear. You have encroached on our freedom. SHAME ON YOU. As a father that works very hard just to get by, without a doubt I possess wealth that you do not have the capacity to comprehend. You poor, sad, man. Oi Vey !

  • White Centaur 6 months ago

    Trump is nothing but lies!, fear mongering!, and hate speech! He’s nothing but trash!!

  • Pepe Kekistan 6 months ago

    Democrats have only these to offer!
    Open border
    Illegal immigrants
    High taxes
    And dead babies
    Oh, Seth tasteless and divisive jokes

  • Ceco Elvisa 6 months ago

    Watching Fox and friends and eating Mcdonalds …. “Working” …

  • TWSTF 8 6 months ago

    Ugh of COURSE CNN is hosting a town hall with Howard Schultz tomorrow!

    They did the EXACT SAME thing with Trump!

    Stop giving these ultra-wealthy douchebags free advertising and air time!
    Howard Schultz has almost NO chance of winning the 2020 election, the best he’s gonna do is peel off just enough votes that would otherwise go to Trump’s opponent to guarantee another four years of a Trump presidency!

    The MORONS in the MSM gave the candidate with the least chance of winning the Republican nomination so much free air time in 2016 that he didn’t even have to spend a dime buying his own advertising, and then they were STUNNED when he actually won the primaries!

    These idiots NEVER learn!

  • nbbim2012 6 months ago

    Love how happy he is with himself about the horse perspective


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