Trump’s Allies Warn Him to Delay His 2024 Campaign Announcement

Published on November 11, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, November 10.

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  • Lindsey Lindsey 7 months ago

    Don’t worry Seth, I liked the two bedroom joke.

  • Sir Loin 7 months ago

    Dr. Oz is my neighbor down the street. I just couldn’t vote for the man from any angle. I live Jersey.

  • Suck Your Gun 7 months ago

    Twimp can not achieve a HARD Schmengy….

  • Amie Hamilton 7 months ago

    The fruit basket is even funnier when you remember his claims about how dangerous fruit is at rallies

  • solowrider 7 months ago

    Once he officially runs for president he cant just spend the donor money on whatever scam or legal problem

  • dskwared2u 7 months ago

    I’m sure those 2 bdrm apartments have old fashioned skeleton key holes because NY is so safe.

  • The real hater 7 months ago

    He is the best late night host

  • steve conn 7 months ago

    Nic needs to lay off the auctions. Or trade an Action Comics #1 for the Trex.

  • Idget 7 months ago

    I’m shocked Oz’s caller ID does not say, “Space the final frontier”.

  • sakarakit 7 months ago

    He should delay until after his trial for treason.

  • MsAnpassad 7 months ago

    Correction. When we Scandinavians look out through the keyhole, it’s not because we are nosy, but because we are making sure that no neighbours are outside as we don’t want to interact with them when stepping out the door.

  • ernie rink 7 months ago

    Trump will announce,taco Tuesday,just found out about it

  • MandolaCanora 7 months ago

    What a brilliant save and what an excellent monologue!

  • B G 7 months ago

    Trump allies: “I tried to overthrow my government, and all I got was this stupid red hat (and a prison sentence).”

  • Hy Seize 7 months ago

    Sending a fruit basket to a fruitcake?

  • Marijuanifornia 7 months ago

    The 1942 US Department of Agriculture video *Hemp for Victory* teaches Americans how to grow “Marihuana” to defend our liberty and democracy.
    The film was banned from history books and public broadcasts for almost 50 years after World War II in order to wage the war on drugs.
    There is an official .gov link to the video from the US National Archives. It became public in 1990.
    This is the key to reducing crime, reducing unemployment, reducing pollution, replacing fossil fuels, ending deforestation and stopping climate change.


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