Trump’s 22nd Sexual Assault Allegation | The Daily Show

Published on June 25, 2019

Donald Trump faces his 22nd allegation of sexual assault and denies it, saying, “She’s not my type.” How has he survived the Me Too movement virtually unscathed?



  • Thomas Shehan 1 year ago

    wow, comparing liars to the deaths of plane crashes is a pretty pathetic reach

  • Channel 420 1 year ago

    If Melania Doesn’t Mind . The World Won’t Mind .

  • Ben Withey 1 year ago

    Take a shot every time Trump lies or sexually assaults a woman

  • Zenish Khumujam 1 year ago

    Right.. Accusations! Not proven accusations. I’d like you to talk about Hillary too.

  • Nut Boy Mac Stupid 1 year ago

    *53% of WHITE WOMEN WHORES, VOTED for TRUMP!!!!!!*
    *70% of WHITE MEN who Suck BILE out of Ass Holes, Voted for TRUMP!!!* June 25, 2019

    *Donald Trump, Accused of 22nd Rapist Assault!!!*
    *I 75% BeLieve in JeHoVah GOD!!!! But I am Hanging on!!!*
    *IF there ReALLy ((( I S ))) a JeHoVah GOD, then EVERY One of You Scum*
    *who Voted for Donald Trump, has a Place, in Burning HOT HELL,*
    *down in the DEEP PIT, waiting for You for ALL ETERNITY to Come!!!!
    *Robert Robertson; 12520 N.E. 4th av.; North Miami, Florida!!!*

  • cthao559 1 year ago

    All he’s saying is she’s not his type. OK!

  • Lloyd Monroe 1 year ago

    22 really he wanted to kill the DEATH PENALTY X5 BUT HE DID IT 22×

  • Where in the world is Tyra Angelita? 1 year ago

    Shame, shame. America’s credibility and reputation continues to diminish ?????? #StephenCalk #JeffreyEpstein #TonyPodesta #DannyLeung #FelixSater #JeromeCorsi #alexPTorshin

  • Ally White 1 year ago

    I legit thought that was the lady from Shark Tank… Barbara Corcoran.

  • John W 1 year ago

    Yea but in 2 plane crashes hundreds of people died, comparison?

  • Farhad Kazemi 1 year ago

    Impeach his ass before he starts WWIII

  • Bianca Bloom 1 year ago

    I bet he convinces himself that they wanted it.
    “She’s not my type.”
    Cos rapists are fussy about that kind of thing.

  • David Madison 1 year ago

    Trump is a thug who does thuggish things.

  • TheUltimateBeing 01 1 year ago

    Stop calling it “sexual assault” or “sexual misconduct.”

    That’s concealing the evil of the act. It’s rape or attempted rape. End of story.

  • safwan Zahoor 1 year ago

    Band women

  • Mario Nava 1 year ago


  • J C 1 year ago

    I got the weirdest bj from trump in college. He kept trying to put a finger in my ass. I ain’t into no gay stuff!

  • burnblue 1 year ago

    “sexual assault” “sexual misconduct”

    No this one was rape

  • Cindy Oser 1 year ago

    Has the white house guy looked in the mirror? Is his type himself….dumpy and gross?

  • octoberboiy 1 year ago

    The problem is #metoo has gotten so much out of control now that no one believes these women… I wish they stayed focus on real issues affecting women instead of pandering and using rage culture for everything.


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