Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address: A Closer Look

Published on February 6, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address in which he attacked the investigations of his presidency and repeated his demand for a border wall.

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  • azae00 Vids 2 years ago

    We’ll clean the wall and who will pay for the soap … Mexico!!

  • saxyrep1 2 years ago

    9:10 Observe Pelosi’s reaction when Trump said the investigation was gonna hurt the economy.

  • The Modern Dictator 2 years ago

    I need $10000 to build wall around trumps jail

  • Rico Fluor 2 years ago

    Trump just another prick with no wall!

  • Sylvia Amador 2 years ago

    Didn’t want to do anything with State of the Union, but you were first on YouTube lineup. And so HAPPY ?YOU WERE. Coverage and your comment, beautifully done. And I do appreciate you’re including Senator Cruz of Texas, he’s mine. You’re view is on point, and that’s the way we feel. He is fierce looking with that beard. Fierce as in scary, he now bows ? and brown noses ? Trump, THANKS AGAIN, wasn’t fan of late night shows, but your quick manner got me hook. You’re the Johnny Carson of 2000’s‼️

  • Andy Wounds 2 years ago

    Nancy has to stop sucking on lemon drops during filming.

  • XXXAMSTERDAMXXX HD 2 years ago

    Imbecile. It’s ok for the government to bail out big companies but for some reason universal healthcare is very upsetting. Socialism! Commies!! He really doesn’t understand the difference between a social democracy and communism. What a fucking simpleton. Hamberder boy.

  • Ral Deform 2 years ago

    I am pretty sure people made walls before they made wheels. ‘Im just gonna drive away from lion’ rather than keep it out of you house, which is 4 walls. Trump is fucking idiot

  • Jayme Ann 2 years ago

    I hope Trump will be in prison by 2020, but I’m not getting my hopes up. There are too many stupid people allowed to vote and that’s always going to be a problem.

  • Murad Diab 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz is the only guy whose ever grown a beard and somehow looks worse

  • Si Mac 2 years ago

    You do a great job with ‘A closer look’ Seth and we are grateful for it! Satire is a necessary survival strategy and it keeps freedom alive.

  • Ster Burk 2 years ago

    Jeanine Pirro needs to release her birth certificate

  • Satoa Pendragon 2 years ago

    Maybe just maybe. More women are working because they need money?

  • Mike7705 l 2 years ago

    that lady from Fox “news” looks like she’s having a stroke every time she speaks.

  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    Speaking of liberty, just thought I’d remind everyone that those little girls never got paid for singing that horrible song during the Trump campaign.

  • flyingxpotatoes 2 years ago

    someone might accidently watched Attack on Titan and think that he could make a wall like that

  • Anthony 2 years ago

    How do you know the mainstream media as a whole hasn’t learned from 2016? They still give Trump credit for reading words he didn’t write or agree with.

  • ZeppelinEX! Ahmed 2 years ago

    Do you know what else is meet Evil leader. ????????

  • Peter Washington 2 years ago

    Yah! Cavemen drew on wheels before cave walls.

  • Joshua Pearce 2 years ago

    Make a wall on wheels, and just roll it in front of migrants when they try to cross the border. I can build it for five grand.


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