TrumpCare’s New ‘Three-Bucket Strategy’… Buckets Full Of What?

Published on March 23, 2017

Stephen talks about TrumpCare’s new rebranding attempt, the weirdest character in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and tunes in once more to ‘Real News Tonight.’

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  • Abhijato Sensarma 3 years ago

    unlike everyone else, I believe trump is not racist.
    he just doesn’t like anyone who is not white.

  • Get Rekt 3 years ago

    So Trump’s staff have to continually appease him to prevent him from having meltdowns? Apparently Trump thinks presidents get to live in safe spaces, free from all the meanies who use facts and evidence to debunk his alternative reality. SAD!

  • S. I. V. 3 years ago

    Next Trump will probably make the traffic lights White.

  • Dr. Bees 3 years ago

    Everyone upvote to save the Bees.

    1 like ? = 1 bee ?

  • samnelso 3 years ago

    Let’s go ahead and get an episode on this Ivanka security clearance BS please

  • How Much For A Gram 3 years ago

    Steve Bannon said Trump’s dick tastes like cheeto

  • I feel It 3 years ago

    The red necks will suffer the most… it will be fun tho to watch them all slowly die by the hands of their own party

  • ADHDiego 3 years ago

    Trump-care: two words that don’t go together.

  • Liyah U 3 years ago

    So all these week’s episodes were recorded on Thursday? If so, I demand an hour of outtakes with exhausted/drunk Colbert at the end of that day!!!!!

  • wesley liu 3 years ago

    Wow no dislikes. I must be early for once

  • NRobbi42 3 years ago


  • Reneiloé 3 years ago

    What if Trump actually watches Real New Tonight

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix 3 years ago

    So, the POTUS is a special snowflake, unable to take contrary opinions and facts. Okay…

  • a h 3 years ago

    i am the only one who thought of trump eating KFC when he said “three buckets”

  • Andrew Escobar 3 years ago

    Trigger a separatist Albertan.

  • Langdon 3 years ago

    I hope pronouncing it ‘Mow-et’ was on purpose ….

  • martinaee 3 years ago

    Jill Newslady is so hot. And her voice is bigly sexy.

  • dsmithers944 3 years ago

    The crowd is booing the travel ban even after the London terror attack. What fucking morons!!!

  • D.E.B. B 3 years ago

    Current Trumpcare bill was a distraction. It’s simply a very horrible bill, which they presented in order to then suggest one that sucks slightly less. This is typical of Trump’s usual business dealings. Ask for the moon, take an asteroid. He’s still not going to live up to what he told everyone during his campaign. And the ones who will get hurt the most, are the ones who need the most care. It will also, of course, keep the private insurance companies rolling in the dough, because a republican congress wants to KILL medicare, not expand it.


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