Trump Won’t Be Following CDC Recommendations On Wearing Masks In Public

Published on April 8, 2020

After hearing from the President, we check in with our old friend Smoldery The Bear who has his own recommendation for America. #Clbert #StephenAtHome #ColdOpens

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  • Rondalyn Reynolds 2 months ago

    If he wore a mask we would see how much orange crap he smears on his face.

  • Meredith Grey 2 months ago

    That clip is cut! He said he would not wear one for press conferences! Why cut that out? Plus he doesn’t have corona, why would he need one when he is tested daily?

  • William Kahley 2 months ago

    Good thing that can from this pandemic is it shows how unfunny late night is.

  • Delilah Gillis 2 months ago

    How did that work out for Boris ??? DUH. Not so good.Gosh hope the MF doesn’t get it. If Trump gets,he’ll just take his OWN MEDS THAT HE HAS STOCK IN.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    Man.. thise new Smokey is terrible. I knew he would be, way back when he announced his bid for the role on the Fire Tower escalator. I hear he’s a puppet to the current Russian Fire Control Cartoon, Mikhail the Smoking Wolf.

  • David Romero 2 months ago

    Someone should cough on him…

  • C. C. 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 Yeah, go on, don’t wear one! 😷😷🍊🍊

  • Dana B 2 months ago

    Holy **** that caught me off guard!!! Lol!!!

  • T BZ 2 months ago

    There is some genius to his snake-oil claims. If he is wrong it is just another turd on a massive pile… if he is right he gets to tout his genius, claiming to be smarter than all the doctors. He will also claim that if we listened to him we could’ve saved millions of lives. People forget that Trump doesn’t care if he’s wrong … if this is remotely usable he will claim a victory and you ALL have set him up for it. The fact that the left has seized so hard on this is bound to bite them in the end… seen it too many times.

  • Juliet V 2 months ago

    I mean if Sharpie doesn’t want to is fine since he wants to do the contraire of things , now somebody needs to tell the Orange Oompa Loompa to not lick a door knob so he will do the opposite .

  • randall2020 2 months ago

    Apparently the CDC is on a PR campaign. They know masks do not work as shown on SciShow.
    The same was true during the 1918 Spanish Flu. It was social distancing that best controlled it. The masks are for one-use. Are all of you going to change your mask every day?

  • Snehith H 2 months ago

    I think trump wont become president again

  • Tim D 2 months ago

    Pence and McConnell should follow Trump’s example. Get rid of the lot in one swoop.

  • jobless.bum7 2 months ago

    Today is tuesday april 7th. South Korea and the United States both had their first confirmed case of coronavirus on the same day. South Korea with a competent leader, compared to the jackass president Donald “Douche Bag” trump, here is where we stand today, compared to south Korea.
    United States – 400k confirmed case of coronavirus with approximately 13k deaths
    South Korea – 10,400 confirmed case of coronavirus with 200 deaths.
    2nd place is Spain with 142k confirmed cases with 14k deaths
    3rd place is Italy with 135.5k confirmed case and 17k deaths.
    That is the difference between a competent leader and a Retarded Jackass as a leader.
    The death toll from the coronavirus didnt need to be anywhere near what it is, and it’s all because of that Douche Bag trump and the ass lickers around him. That piece of shit trump did NOTHING until it was far to late and even than he is not doing nearly enough. All of his uneducated simpleminded supporters deserve to get infected with a mutated strain of the coronavirus with a mortality rate of 99.9%. How can you simpleminded dimwits still support that cork sucker?

  • mary jones 2 months ago

    yep, that is the moron-in-chief… ty mr colbert and cast/crew and colbert fam.

  • Eoin C 2 months ago

    He won’t wear it because it will rub the orange foundation off his face and reveal his real skin colour

  • Swampy 2 months ago

    I’m really surprised Trumpy…usually the Republicans try to mask everything !!

  • array s 2 months ago

    Remember Boris Johnson? Look at him now.

  • 1 Best Friend 2 u 2 months ago

    Hahada, Donny so afraid he’ll look Chinese and his base won’t recognize him. 😷

  • GID7OB 2 months ago

    *Haha Boris 2.0*


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