Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria | The Daily Show

Published on October 7, 2019

In a move that surprises the Pentagon and abandons the U.S.’ Kurdish allies, Trump pulls troops out of northern Syria, heightening the turmoil of the Middle East, and eliciting bipartisan condemnation. #TheDailyShow



  • SystemYTP 12 months ago

    Trump apparently really hates courts and Kurds

  • Joe Gonzales 12 months ago

    He needs to go to hell

  • armyforlife3 Nao 12 months ago

    This is unbelievable

  • Luke Caron 12 months ago

    Comedy then: Obama uhhh says uhhh too uhhh much.
    Comedy now: And now, the worst military decision of the decade goes to Donald, J, Trump!
    Comedy Tomorrow: Ha. The president just nuked the wrong city. Nice aim bro.

  • Accidentally 12 months ago

    Oceans Trumpteen, the entire presidency is an elaborate heist.
    for three years he’s lived his elaborate lifestyle at taxpayers expense.
    being president he was able to network with leaders of every country, good and bad, attempting deals every chance. he’s dodged each lawsuit saving millions of court coasts he pays each year.
    now the goal is to seem so out of control… Mighty Mitch can step in and save the day from this troublesome man. trump knows he wont be president for much longer, leaving “hero” loyalists in control only furthers his plan. secretly he has a flexible acrobat stuffed inside a money drop cart, and that’s how he plans to rob the Bellagio.

  • Treka Z 12 months ago

    i like how these politicians are acting like they now care about the kurds of Syria
    they never cared about the Syrian people… who funded ISIS in Syria, wasn’t it America under the Obama administration…where was their outrage when ISIS killed the christians of Maaloula, or the druze minority of Syria in the city of As suwayda…. the only people that are against american troops pulling out of Syria are the war mongerers.

  • Galaxy 4476 12 months ago

    And still. Trump supporters stands by his side. What a shame…..

  • Joe Gonzales 12 months ago

    I knew he would do some shit like this cause of the impeachment he needs to get out now

  • GB 12 months ago


  • Alfonso Ponthieux 12 months ago

    Trump is a moron and needs to be removed as soon as possible, his actions will have adverse consequences for our allies and our national security. This is just another attempt from Trump to distract us from his multiple crimes.

  • Priscilla Jimenez 12 months ago

    It’s sad cuz now his actions can have direct results in people dying.

  • David Ralphs 12 months ago

    Sleepy Joe and heart attack Bernie.

  • DukeSpear 12 months ago

    We were there to steal their oil and allow Israel to annex more Syrian lands and to allow saudi arabia to build a gas pipeline on their land and cutoff Russia from being the main supplier to Europe. it had nothing to do with terrorists or freedom or democracy. its all about money.
    Glad were out!!

  • Lorraine Shannon Owens 12 months ago

    He’s bat shit crazy.

  • xxbonrockxx 12 months ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn!!!! ?

  • The Exception 12 months ago

    Rubbish. Even comedy shows have a pro-war bias now. If Fox news is criticising Trump then you should know he probably did something right. The reaction shouldn’t be to not pull out of Syria, the US could have simply struck a non-aggression deal with Turkey.

  • Greg Jacobs 12 months ago

    No Trevor bhuti, don’t go all Yankee now. There’s a good chance Kurds are about to die and you joke about it.

  • Vital Information 12 months ago

    Oh no, no pipeline through Syria, let’s pretend we care about the Kurds…

  • Sunny 12 months ago

    Well Syria’s president should have investigated joe Biden as trump adviced. Too bad!

  • Trainer RED 12 months ago

    To all the Bernie bros who kept saying Hillary was just as bad as Trump…I just want to say go fuck yourselves. Go fuck yourselves so hard up the ass that it goes right through you and out your mouth. Thank you sooooooo fucking much for Donald Trump.


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