Trump Whines To Reporters About Obama’s Netflix And Book Deals

Published on September 20, 2019

Asked by reporters about conflicts of interest that have profited his personal businesses, the President tried to deflect criticism onto his predecessor Barack Obama. #Monologue #Colbert #Obama

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  • PIZZAMAN 10 months ago

    Sanders 2020!

  • fifa craft 10 months ago

    Obama got 50 million for being a good little president who did what he was told and bragged about it while in Africa…and poor Steven Colbert getting all violent in this clip just shows how unhinged he is

  • Agent Fungus 10 months ago

    Ever notice that Trump has got a very small brain pan/forehead?

  • Gary Payne 10 months ago

    ‘Obama’s book was the highest book ever sold’? Was it printed on hemp paper?

  • A N 10 months ago

    A good General correcting a child.

  • jan rees 10 months ago

    The 30ft ladder.
    How about a small aircraft?
    A drone.
    Apparently theyve used slingshots before.

  • Evon Williams 10 months ago

    Ok say what now

  • tmichael80 10 months ago

    ¿¿¿Obama’s Netflix??? What?

  • Bruce strkland 10 months ago

    The Mexicans might invent…. The rope…. The tunnel…gloves. He knows they live on the equator and it’s hot….WTF??

  • Liliana Passarini 10 months ago


  • Mat Light 10 months ago

    Total slapstick

  • jpdemer5 10 months ago

    Donnie Dipshit would completely lose his mind if everybody found out that Obama is not only smarter, better-looking, and more popular, but also richer.

  • Ex Essex 10 months ago

    1:57 If only there was a way to make trump watch the reaction to these 10 seconds of video: A theater full of American citizens wailing with laughter at his total idiocy. Keep it up USA. Never for one second let Trump think anybody could ever take him seriously.

  • enriqueali 10 months ago

    LOL!!! Never has so savage a burn been administered so politely and succinctly!! Give that man a medal, someone!! ?????

  • Freshn Funky 10 months ago

    STEPHEN is genious..?????love him

  • Earl Gray 10 months ago

    * * * The following is my response to a foreigner named Gort, who wrote a very kind comment about the MSNBC video concerning the U.S.A.
    * * * Hello to my foreign friend Gort, As an American citizen I thank you for complimenting the United States of America. It is very reassuring to know that anyone from another country has anything kind to write after the apalling schmendrick Trump has contaminated our Whitehouse. No American voter possessing an IQ above 50 can be held responsible. Trump actually lost what is known as the popular vote (meaning the majority of voters,) but sadly we utilize an archaic system known as the electoral college that supercedes what most voters desire. I expect that due to the horror of electing a mentally disturbed, narcissistic, bombastic, unscrupulous, ect. “Kadokhes,” (yiddish) our voting system will get a complete overhall. Americans utilizing a normal thought process feel as we are enduring a 4 year root canal, or we are being led by “Dreadhead” the crazy shrunkenhead on the ‘Knight bus” in the Harry Potter movie (though the head was much better looking than Donny) “Prisoners of Azkabar.” The tradgedy for us is that many foreigners perceive Americans as mean, uncaring, hateful wealthy people, even more so as the result of Trump’s racism, evil, hatred, bigotry, bullying, indifference, ect. towards the rest of the world with the exception of Putin’s Russia. In reality most Americans must work diligently to survive while feeling helpless as our present selfish corrupt leaders plunder, deceive, and cheat us. With Very Kind Regards, Earl

  • Canoe Fishing 10 months ago

    I can rent a 30 foot ladder at home depot for 35 bucks…so… my granny can climb that wall.

  • Terrance Toole 10 months ago

    I at 1:40 sounds like Stephen say “unbeatable burial”

  • R F 10 months ago

    Frying an egg on a vertical wall, what an idiot. Did anyone see how many people have been able to climb it? There may some merit not discussing it, ????

  • Andres Beltran 10 months ago

    Yo Obama run…. Michelle defend your man. We all know how touchy Trump can get when he is thirsty. #ObamaNetflixGate


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