Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on October 4, 2018

Trump’s greatest superpower is his ability to wield victimhood, and he’s taking full advantage of it to defend Kavanaugh and undermine the #MeToo movement.



  • Michele Sanchez 2 years ago

    I wish to meet a man with realistic views on the world.

  • Peter Kazavis 2 years ago


  • Brooke Olejnik 2 years ago

    This video means everything

  • ButterscotchBanana 2 years ago

    Statistically, 1 in 5 women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lives.
    “What are we gonna do to stop all these women from ruining mens’ lives!??!!!1??!”

  • Sean Hazelwood 2 years ago

    Then, why did All 4 of her personally chosen witnesses state (under oath) that they had no idea what she was talking about?

    Kavanaugh wasn’t charged by the courts because it Never Happened.

  • Achesa Makhambala 2 years ago

    Trevor is Just dumb. I hope one day someone will accuse you falsely

  • Wisteria 469 2 years ago

    I’m studying to be a Bachelor of sociology, and Trevor Noah is my goal for how articulate and succinct I want to be when expressing myself. The words he uses and his prose are so powerful and intellectual, my breath is actually taken away…

  • Amy Immermann 2 years ago

    We need more Trevors – he is brilliant

  • Parlez64 2 years ago

    Sharing this again. He’s spot on.

  • Josena 2 years ago

    Fear is diffcult to overcome,esp when Power is abused, fear, one that cripples innocent souls. . Beautiful, Awe inspiring, empowering,such moving words,I’m blown away yet again by this amazing Man.

  • Nigel Mutepfa 2 years ago

    Great point of view but i beg to differ, what if cops also used the same logic. Like how many black people get shot as opposed to those the cops actually dont shoot. And some cases Of sexual assault can be wavered as flirting….Im not saying they are cases out there that are intense and require justice. But sooo many men are being called trash now even when they are innocent.

  • Howard M. M. 2 years ago

    I feel terrible creeping in John’s shadow in your shinny hour! That said, truth is, when you got got to host this show, comparisons would always abound. Because of the immense economic & socio-political depths John would delve into, with his witty take. This moment here is beyond your graduation. This is the element that specified you for the job. For us who have followed you for a while, we know this content is the stuff you are made of. Keep going.

  • Ish Fein 2 years ago

    I wish your general show was more like this, more serious and less pandering to the crowed who cheer at fucking anything. I love this speech, it’s on point and honest.

  • Lelethu Matanda 2 years ago

    geesh Trevor!!!!!

  • black sheep 2 years ago

    I’m so done.

  • Charlie G 2 years ago

    Translation, the accusation isn’t even credible enough to argue voting no for the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll over analyze the situation so much that anyone who disagrees is anti-womean. How do they even record the show with all this virtue signalling causing feedback? Having said that, it so much fun to debate people who get their news from The Daily Show and not realizing he’s a comedian. For a short time while watching, it seems they are no longer offended and hearing what they want to hear.

  • David D 2 years ago

    One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. LOL its all over the papers……

    Cant wait till tevors gets an assult or sexual allegation , i want to see if he will laught his way out of court.

  • J1824 2 years ago

    Hey trevor, trust all women right? this thot just admitted that she faked her story

  • CoyKoi 2 years ago

    This is so powerful. Thank you for putting into words what has been in my heart.

  • Kam Caudill 2 years ago

    I dont know what too say….I am rethinking alot of things because of you…I wanna see.both sides


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