Trump Wants To Undermine Your Faith In The Election So You Don’t Vote Him Out

Published on September 24, 2020

As the President reveals his intention to subvert the will of the people, refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after Election Day, it is important to remember one thing: Donald Trump can not remain President if the people vote him out. #Colbert #Election2020 #Monologue

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  • Richard Carrie 2 years ago

    I think, sadly, what will happen is that Trump will rig th election illegally to allow him to sit a second term, BUT at some point in his second term he will be legally forced to leave office and may even end up in jail. There is no way of knowing if this will happen in his 1st or 4th yr of his second term and how much damage he will cause the country in that time. All I’m picturing is mass protests and Trump sending in armed police and soldiers causing violents and death across the country. It’s going to get much worse till it gets better I’m sorry to say.

  • bat in the attic 2 years ago

    I want America’s friends to weigh in on Donald Trump’s latest statements suggesting he is preparing his coup d’etat. In the UK, our government is shamefully silent on the matter. If this were happening anywhere else – there would be top level condemnation and warning. Donald Trump – don’t think you can retain power despite the manifest wishes of the American electorate. In the meantime – what are America’s American friends doing? You need to make it clear, too, that it will not end well for him if he maintains this drive towards dictatorship. There are certain groups and individuals that are supposed to represent and protect your constitution and only your constitution. Aren’t they the ones that should be making sure Donald Trump abides by it?

  • Chris Pacer 2 years ago

    I WILL VOTE IN PERSON…THERE’S NO REASON WHY WE CAN’T KNOW WHO OUR PRESIDENT IS BY THE NEXT MORNING…And I don’t believe anything the news puts out … and this joker either…he’s a pussy anyways… they will flood the ballot box… our so called government DEM. or REB. are capable of doing anything illegal… DIDN’T WE LEARN ANYTHING FROM 9 / 11

  • 1BJM 2 years ago

    This is all so depressing, witnessing the death of our country.

  • chri2453 2 years ago

    If Trump loses, Vladimir will release the peepee tape. That is why he is fighting so hard.

  • Ed Richards 2 years ago

    Hey Stephen, I think you used knocking on wood wrong, unless you meant to say you hope Trump doesn’t lose. Coulda happened to anyone though,. It didn’t so I get to call you out on it, but it coulda happened to anyone…that’s never knocked on wood before.

  • llongone2 2 years ago

    Bill Maher warned about this a few years ago…and people just laughed at him. He wasn’t joking. He was right. And, now, tRump will become the U.S. dictator until his death. It’s too late to stop him. Election results won’t matter.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 2 years ago

    Stevie Wonder may be blind, but he can see the problem at hand in his country quite clearly.

  • Michael Shaughnessy 2 years ago

    There is a precedent isn’t there for dictators to cause a war or some disaster in order to stay in power because people don’t like to vote a leader out in the time of a crisis. It may be why he doesn’t want to do much about the Corona virus.

  • Super PantMan 2 years ago

    Trump is going to lose. He knows this. That’s why he’s doing all this. He is being told he’s losing, so the new tactic is to undermine the results

  • TheBombanater 2 years ago

    Whos ready for armed resistance? Because that’s where this feels it’s going

  • Daniel Su 2 years ago

    TRUMP 2020: TRUMP KINGDOM for 1,000 years, after I die, put my empty brain in the medical jar, and I will continue to govern, and my future wife IVAKA will tell you what to do. BTW, put my supporters brains in the jars too, so they can vote for me forever. Smart!!!!!!

  • Zakkrifice 2 years ago

    Will Billy McBoof-face really follow the law, or crawl up Drumpfs ass? Not sure…

  • Tyler Canada - Music 2 years ago

    For real though, Stephen you’d make the best President the US has ever seen. Please consider running in the next election.

  • Matt Barros 2 years ago

    “Why they would do this”

    Because for a long time, and only Trump has had the balls to say it openly, and the republican party is now warming up to the notion, that only republicans/conservatives and law-and-order types are truly American.

    This has been a kind of dog whistle for a long time. The word “American” in the mouth of a republican senator or politician has always meant “the white christian wealthy few.” The majority of Trump supporters don’t fit into that definition. They are poor white christians. But the right has weaponized tribal politics to a point where it doesn’t matter. Anything that triggers “the libs” goes these days.

    So that’s why. Trump is defending “America” from antifa and liberals who “hate America.”

    Trump stealing this coming election will be sold as Trump “doing what is necessary” to “save” America from the liberals and the progressives, who “hate America.”

    It will be justified by white conservative christian America as self-defense, and necessary because the alternative, they believe, is the erasure of their demographic, their beliefs, and their values.

    In a way, they are defending their own brand of democracy. They’re just too short sighted and uneducated to appreciate that they are killing democracy in the process.

    Trump disowned blue states and cities. But those states and cities are part of his America. He’s declared war on his own country. I’m afraid he may win that war.

  • Vic Blaine 2 years ago

    After you vote, it may be a good idea to take a photo of your ballot and keep a copy on file.

  • Kyle Usher 2 years ago

    Steve looks old as hell wtf

  • Alli's All About the Dog 2 years ago

    I miss the show so much since i have dish. Im happy to watch it on you tube.

  • Crocoshark 2 years ago

    The melodic way Stevie Wonder said “You say” almost made me expect You’ll Be Back from Hamilton.

    “You say
    The price of unrest is not a price that you’re willing to pay
    You cry
    On TV ’bout a JC Penny when you see rocks go by
    Why so sad?
    Remember we made an arrangement in times gone away
    Now you’re making me mad
    Remember despite our estrangement
    We’re still men

    We’ll be back
    Soon you’ll see
    You’ll remember who you’re working for
    You’ll be back
    Time will score
    You’ll remember that we served in war

    Oceans rise
    Empires fall!
    And we’ve seen injustice through it all
    And when push
    Comes to shove
    We’ll resist your fully armed battalion to remind you of our love

    Dada dada da!
    Da! Dadadadyada
    Dada da da dya da!

    Dada dada da!
    Da! dadada dya da!
    Dada da da dya da!

    You say our anger’s draining and you can’t go OOOOOOOON?
    You could stop our complaining and we’d be gooooone
    And no don’t change the subject
    ‘Cause we are not your subject
    Your loyal, royal subject
    Your sweet, submissive subject
    Forever and ever
    And ever and ever and ever and ever and eeeeveeeer

    We’ll be back
    Like before
    We will fight the fight and win the war
    With our love, we’ll be praised
    We’ll forgive ya’ in your dying days
    When you’re here!
    We’ll be mad
    Please just throw away this thing we have
    And when push
    Comes to shove
    We’ll speak for our friends and family
    To remind you of our love

    Dada dada da!
    Da! Dadadadyada
    Dada da da dya da!

    Dada dada DAAAAAAAAAA!
    Da! dadada dya da!
    Dada da da DYYYYAAAA daaaaaaa!

    I just metaphorically turned “You’ll Be Back” into “Do You Hear The People Sing”.

  • Billy Hoyle 2 years ago

    So how do you people explain away what Trump is doing this time? Only a coward or a dictator says what he did. He is the one that is trying to steal this election. We will not stand still and watch as he destroys 244 years of Democracy.


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