Trump Wants to Reopen America as Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerates: A Closer Look

Published on March 25, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak and the president and some his allies saying we should care more about the stock market than saving lives.

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  • Caroline's Here 6 months ago

    You take your family over 50 and go work and stop trying to put the rest of us with you

  • Quinn. S. 6 months ago

    He’s shilling to his religious base who either consciously or subconsciously believe they can prayer away anything. It’s the same with almost every conservative party around the world. They like to thump their chest and exclaim loudly in great gestures how religious they are; never-mind if the opposition is also religious, just less behind the bullhorn.

  • Suzanne Snow 6 months ago

    Thanks for making me laugh while the world burns. I need you now more than ever.🥰😷

  • trisha dick 6 months ago

    2 words say it all about trump and its (for me) when talking about easter sunday its truly all about his wants above the ppl hat elected him , how can a cure be worse than the virus , lol

  • dstorm19 6 months ago

    Thank You Seth!

  • M Tag 6 months ago

    Another great Closer Look…. I prefer it without the laugh track.

  • Linda Jacob 6 months ago

    This episode was so funny 😂 I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! Well done.

  • Vicki Hildebrand 6 months ago

    Well if all the churches are full by Easter, and Dummy went to church, is’nt he at that age bracket for a senior? Then maybe?????

  • L R 6 months ago

    A Closer Look from the Brawny Man?

  • Paul Shipley 6 months ago

    Even Fox is concerned about the incompetence of this old man.
    He’s losing it.

  • Larry Tomlinson 6 months ago

    We have the biggest fool as a president. We all new he is just a con man , but the people who voted for him I hope you have everything you wanted in a president. A Big Idiot .

  • Graham 6 months ago

    Tippy top shape

  • Roger Smidt 6 months ago

    What the f.”*!, Are you doing on my news feed.

  • Natalya Johnson 6 months ago

    “New York is the first major epicenter,” Ummmm, Seattle says a little differently.

  • prezbige 6 months ago

    Trump and his followers are behind stupid

  • Jason Sabbath 6 months ago

    Thank goodness, Glenn Beck has decided to die! Can I help in anyway? I’m here if you need me Glenn. And Kudlow too! Here for you Larry!

  • Jason Behnke 6 months ago

    3:25 triggers Siri then she searches trumps adult children :/

  • Double Vision Media Liaisons 6 months ago

    Maybe Trump can demand his supporters to go back to work and boost the country’s economy. They can be the test zealot subjects to see if his early economic Easter plan works. Surely with their high IQs, and logic they can join hands and work in clusters and make America great again. With that kind of devotion, you would think they would listen to their supreme leader with zeal and be out there coughing up a lung to prove their righteous point of view? No?

  • urdujans 6 months ago

    the country is the people…. the country dies when people die

    … idiocy sometimes coat itself with sugar called smartness …


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