Trump Wants To Out The Whistleblower, Interrogate Rep. Adam Schiff

Published on September 30, 2019

The President spent his weekend demanding to meet the Ukraine whistleblower, going after Rep. Adam Schiff, and retweeting dubious statements from supporters. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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  • pop5678eye 10 months ago

    DT incited violence against political opponents, the free press, racial minorities who are American citizens, foreigners, American muslims, and now whistleblowers.
    If it’s any foreign leader we’d loudly say ‘tyrant!’
    So how is it justified when it’s DT?

    And don’t think if you’re a MAGA you’re safe! The moment you become a burden to him he’ll turn on you! Look at his record on all the staff that left him. Any one of them who dared say any truth of what went on behind the scenes is called a ‘rat’ and even threatened. Several of his previously greatest advocates have been indicted or are now in jail, as they should be because they were complicit in the crimes, but crimes created by their boss who still has to be held responsible!

  • Adlin Ling 10 months ago

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • Jacqueline Turner 10 months ago

    Someone please tell Trump we aren’t buying his bullshit or the other repugnants. We’re going to get them all come on 2020. We are going to drain the SWAMP starting in November 2020. Then we will fumigate the White House because I’m sure it has a smell.

  • Eroraf86 10 months ago

    Forget the politics, I want to see Stephen’s new puppy!

  • Mary J. Jones 10 months ago

    I guess a statement made call

  • Iamtop 10 months ago

    He also asked the Australians to help him discredit the Mueller probe apparently…. Effing traitor !

  • Peter Bondy 10 months ago

    How does Trump say the whistle blower for the conversation all wrong when his own released “transcript” acknowledges the facts that were complained about.

    The GOP is doing their or best to simply confuse the American public into thinking this is more complex than it actually is. It will work up to a point because many will simply feel confused by the whole affair and just switch off.

    And if the whistle blower won’t be able to “bring down my president” unless the complaint is proven to be correct in which case the guy is a hero for protecting the US constitution. Would have thought that was a high priority for even GOP diehards. All very strange how loyal they are to a mobster, lying criminal. Almost like they are all cut from the same cloth. ?

  • CloudsGirl7 10 months ago

    “I wanna know everything!!!1!”

    This coming from the side that is fine with Spanky not releasing his taxes…

  • Valter Ek 10 months ago

    God Help The United States Banana Republic!

  • diane whalen 10 months ago

    He’s f ckin delusional

  • Lutz 10 months ago

    The „president“ oFISHially retweeted pro shark media

  • AliasUndercover 10 months ago

    This is exactly why there are whistleblower laws.

  • Gabrielle Rose 10 months ago

    Fkn idiot that Trump. Surprised it took so long

  • Blue Monster 10 months ago

    Isn’t it a coincidence that democrats could have tried to impeach him over the collusion with Russia, but since the election is coming up the only chance you have winning is to impeach him now???? I smell more swamp water that needs to be drained again!!!

  • Mari Oka 10 months ago

    Who is this Mark Levine??? Sounds as loony as the man he is protecting!

  • M N 10 months ago

    Broooo, he’s STILL on his npc shit- also, nice comments section, super cancerous.

  • Steel Here 10 months ago

    Donald Trump: “The statement you could say with call.”

  • Xcris crosX 10 months ago

    The I Words

  • Armando Aguilar 10 months ago

    We are all going to miss these late night shows ones this imbecile is out of office lol


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