Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings: A Closer Look

Published on April 8, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president speculating about an unproven medical treatment for coronavirus after ignoring repeated warnings about the threat of a pandemic.

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  • Nathaniel Anderson 9 months ago

    What are they going to call the USA after the end of the Trump pregnancy? Slobberton?

  • richard wilmot Ph.D 9 months ago

    Natural Urban Harvest
    What could be harvested naturally in an urban environment?  Answer: Semen.
    There are a number of new sperm banks opening up so lesbians can have babies.  But few have thought of the potentialities of using human semen in baking and making bread.
    Non-profit:  Donate your semen to the food bank!For-Profit:  $ell your semen to a bakery near you!
    Semen in… bread out… eat bread… make more semen…
    Now if you do not believe this is an absolutely fantastic– and GREEN– idea (actually milky white)… BUT TOTALLY NATURAL.. then you might be a lesbian.  See above.
    But wait… U may say: what about growing natural erotic vegetables to make even more semen!  What about all those highly erotic tubers, melons and squash.
    Bread & Vegetables!  What could be more vegan!  Accept perhaps raising gerbils!
    Is it edible?

  • P ing 9 months ago

    huh, unrelated but isn’t that tic tac toe impossible? (you would have to place 1 O after they won if X went first, or 2 if O went first)

  • fucked World's 9 months ago

    Trump closed boarders in January while the DNC were trying to impeach him and called him all sorts because of the fact he closed them and documented ,
    You choose the dark side once all is done good luck with walking around etc,
    Research Red mist 1917

  • Lal 9 months ago

    Yup so he doesn’t really respond to warnings, scientists warn about climate change and Trumps like you what? lets put more CO2 in the atmosphere yay! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Steven Spruill 9 months ago

    Looks like the door from Get Out

  • Commando Solo 9 months ago

    Mr. Meyers, they thought about using the Eagles. All those orcs would’a been shooting arrows up at ’em, the Nazgul would’a been chasing ’em, and Frodo didn’t have good enough aim to get the ring into Mount Doom in one toss. Only a PRECISE HIT would set up a chain reaction to destroy the dark lord!

    …I’ll show myself out.

  • ThaReal CLo 9 months ago

    Glad you guys keep reporting on this, Never let him forget. Never let THEM forget. Smfh Ignorant trump supporters…

  • Demon Dog 9 months ago

    Trump is the most awkward drug dealer i have ever seen. Honestly does anyone still support him ?

  • CJ 9 months ago

    Seth, can we take a moment to honor American music legend John Prine?

  • Alexei Frederick Flores 9 months ago

    Why can’t he remember the 1918 flu. The only reason he inherited money is because the Spanish flu killed his great grand uncle instead of his great grandfather. Seriously flu. You had ONE job.

  • Nory-Chan 9 months ago

    I understand how to read statistical studies too and I don’t have a PhD. You can learn that in your last year of high school if you don’t take pre-cal but you are still a nerd.

  • William Hyde 9 months ago

    He sooo wants to be the hero. Some are saying he has financial stakes in the malaria drug, but I think he wants us to use it and if it works then he’ll demand the credit for it. If it doesnt……not so much

  • Tania Elliott 9 months ago

    You’re doin such a great job 😍
    Please keep it up😆
    It’s getting harder and harder to laugh alone . . .😎😁😓🙃🤗

  • Damien Kennedy 9 months ago

    Redrum. Redrum.

  • Gaby 9 months ago

    Goddamit we are fucking screwed

  • Hinarf Narfy 9 months ago

    You still haven’t opened the door. Interact with the lamp.

  • Jim French 9 months ago

    Wow..I bet the number of Esteemed African Americans who have actually been an honored guest in Seth Meyers home
    that got to stay several weeks is..ZERO. But he sure seems like just another self absorbed WHITE SNOB.
    I would rather be 100% REB and have a long history of true camaraderie and brotherly love that proved
    itself year after year after year with our finest Black Jazz Musicians.Just today I received and held wise
    converse with two of our countries proven innovators.Can’t do that when your wife runs you into an attic.

  • Kaushiki Kushwaha 9 months ago

    Just tell us you moster what’s the door about!!!

  • SA Inja woof 9 months ago

    Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich….Malkovich, Malkovich!


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