Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look

Published on February 7, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump ordering the Pentagon to plan a military parade while his administration takes a harsher stance on immigration and insults Dreamers.

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  • Tallowyck62 3 years ago

    Welcome to New North Korea.

  • 1 7 • p s y c h e 3 years ago

    A military parade… Jesus. He really thinks he’s Julius Caesar or something. Sickening.

  • aprilwearsgucci 3 years ago

    So Cadet Bone Spur wants a millitary parade. He thinks his Kim Jong Un. A dictator.

  • Nostalgic Memester 3 years ago

    Military parades? Trump is acting suspiciously like Kim Jong Un

  • Donald Kjenstad 3 years ago

    Trump is becoming an embarrassment for me now

  • Shaad Khalil 3 years ago

    One step closer to Fascism 😀

  • alexphotoman 3 years ago

    TRUMP JONG-UM….he is and always was a dictator! How can any of this be a surprise to anybody now…SAD !!!

  • Lui Vasallo 3 years ago

    A military parade!?!? Just because?!? ..All the more reason I believe he’s an over grown child??

  • _Paws_ 3 years ago

    Military parade, what is this the Fire Nation?

  • Rex Ablett 3 years ago

    Man, Seth is the best! I love ‘A Closer Look’. Voice of the resistance against DumbFuck Donald.

  • Apurva Nataraj 3 years ago

    Military parade?
    What’s next, funny hai..oh wait..!!

  • State of the Republic 3 years ago

    Alright, who wants to tell him the Bastille Day parade was to honor an occasion where people like him had their heads separated from the rest of their bodies? A military parade to goose this authoritarian moron’s ego is fundamentally un-American.
    On another note, my channel has obtained exclusive microwave wiretaps of Donald Trump’s State of the Union rehearsals. Weekly news updates as well. Check it out.

  • NevadaBoss 3 years ago

    Great idea! A huuuuge farewell parade for Dear Leader!! And at the end of it, Ashton Kutcher comes out and tells us this has all been, as suspect, the BEST episode of Punk’d ever!!! #FAREWELLDOTARDPARADE!

  • Alexandra Oliveira 3 years ago

    How’s about a foreign country messing with your democracy? It feels familiar to us here, in Brazil… we always had you guys to support military coups and dictatorial governments. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Giga Man 3 years ago

    Can’t they just tell him no? Basic rule of parenting an unruly child.

  • Robert Melvin 3 years ago

    Chain migration sounds like the pre-1860’s migration for Africans brought to this country against their will.

  • ElectroNuke Mods 3 years ago

    Sounds like a pretty good name for him: Dick Tater. He does look like a mutilated potato.

  • VASEK 818 3 years ago

    When he finally falls he will fall hard.

  • Misha C. 3 years ago

    ‘United Shates”…I can’t stand this Flintstone push pop but that clip was hilarious! Dentures were literally trying to escape his mouth… ????

  • brainflash1 3 years ago

    A basket of deplorables lead by a deplorable basket case. But I’m suuuuuuuuuure Hillary would’ve done the same, right? She’s an EEEEvil insider.


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