Trump vs Late Night Hosts, Marjorie Taylor Greene vs Immigrants & Herschel Walker vs The Libs!

Published on October 11, 2022

Los Angeles has been named the 172nd safest city in the USA out of 182, jaywalking will no longer be a ticketable offense in the state of California and Guillermo puts the new law to the test, Donald Trump took a break from disparaging the FBI to go after late night talk show hosts, according to a new survey more than half of Americans don’t trust the Supreme Court, Japan is seeing a surge in what they call “romance scams,” Putin continues to escalate his unprovoked war on Ukraine, there has been a surge of Russians googling “When is Putin Going to Die,” Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to scare voters to the polls with her take on the “Great” Replacement Theory, now that MTG is getting divorced Jimmy has found the perfect guy for her, Herschel Walker tried to turn the attention away from his abortion scandal, and Mike Lindell makes a big endorsement for Governor of Wisconsin.

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  • CG 1 year ago

    Trump 2024

  • Zeljko Anzulovic 1 year ago

    “American culture” always cracks me up a bit..

  • Collin Lutz 1 year ago

    Imagine that, Jimmy is talking about trump again…….

  • Sparky 1 year ago

    Marge needs to be replaced by someone with a brain.

  • nbbim2012 1 year ago

    DON’T PLAY with our beloved Guillermo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he’s fine but I don’t appreciate the brief moment of panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Congdon 1 year ago

    So. Was that buckwheat talkin about ponouns

  • RP 1 year ago

    MTG’s voice is just awful. It makes my teeth itch. What a truly awful voice to go with an awful woman.

  • Greoge Westmann 1 year ago

    5:05 Unprovoked you say, well Jimmy, learn what has gone on since the dismantling of the USSR and the abolition of the Warsaw Pact.
    Look how NATO had reacted to that deescalation, and investigate how the USA has been involved.
    Unprovoked is not a word any historian of the region would use.
    Other than that, good show.

  • william meise 1 year ago

    pillow guy wins

  • TwentyShades of Kay 1 year ago

    Jimmy Kimmel never fail to make me laugh

  • Mr McDougalle 1 year ago

    eff M Traitor Greene

  • Dinh nhat 1 year ago

    The bot on its own is scary enough but adding shaking red texts makes my brain itchy

  • Tom Foolery 1 year ago

    Is that Brian Cranston as Mike Lindell? Whoever it is killed it.

  • Audrey Muzingo 1 year ago

    I thought I understood jaywalking not to be a ticketable offense already –well, theoretically ticketable, but in practice it’s just for determining who’s guilty when someone walks out in front of cars and dents up somebody’s hood with their moron self.

  • Jay Bird 1 year ago

    damn, that was straight brutal. jimmy went beast mode

  • Thomas Coleman 1 year ago

    Maybe immigrants could work the jobs nobody attending a Trump rally have?


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