Trump vs Biden – Guest Host Dana Carvey Previews the 2024 Presidential Debate

Published on July 19, 2022

Dana Carvey steps in for his second and final night guest hosting our show, COVID is on the rise again in LA, Dr. Fauci says that he plans to step down by the end of Joe Biden’s first term, Dana does some jokes as Johnny Carson, Donald Trump claims that he’s already made up his mind about running for President again, and Dana shows us what a presidential debate between Trump and Biden would look like in 2024.


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  • RIDEODIE---G 2 years ago

    Better than David spade

  • Jason B. 2 years ago

    The problem is, is that we do know where it came from, who funded it and who tried and covered it up, yes, he should step down or be prosecuted.

  • JC Lim 2 years ago

    Gary oldman?

  • Dee 2 years ago

    Bummed that he dissed fauci…

  • Danny Thompson 2 years ago

    Dana still got it…

  • Mark Anthony Pabunan 2 years ago

    the Johnny Carson impression is SPOT ON!

  • 3AH Media 2 years ago

    Best debate host yet, lmao

  • randal gibbons 2 years ago

    Well wasn’t that special.

  • Coffee Zombie 2 years ago

    Who doesn’t love Dana carvey. Me @3:00 when I remembered is was Dana Gould who I liked.

  • Jocelyn De Jung 2 years ago

    The naked guy is from where in Europe? Methamphetaminia?

  • Sigan Quenell 2 years ago

    Ok…. Dana Carvey still got it. 🙂

  • s g 2 years ago

    His Joe Biden sounded a lot like Jimmy Stewart, and when I wasn’t looking at the screen, I forgot it was Dana and thought I was listening to Trump.

  • Simon Dewitt 2 years ago

    Dana’s Biden impression is just a bad Jimmy Stewart impression. I don’t know if that’s lazy or genius.

  • bassofone1 2 years ago

    Dana, ya had me crackin up! That was brill!

  • AmberTurdColoringbook 2 years ago

    Is Jimmy getting Corona every other week now? Where is he?

  • Jenna Rose 2 years ago

    But why make fun of a studder? Maybe it’s funny, yes, but it’s a difficult hurdle to overcome and become president, let alone speak in public on any occasion. Biden doesn’t trip up nearly as much as the orange MAGAt did.. but it’s a bit, I get it. We all know MAGAt man was always at a loss for words.

  • Renee Thornton 2 years ago

    Dana does such good imitations. I enjoyed the Biden – Trump debates.

  • Adam Potter 2 years ago

    Too many impressions and voices. Jesus Dana, play it straight. You are a likeable guy. This just came off campy. We get it…. You do Carson. We know…. You do it a lot.


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