Trump Votes, Fake Melania & Barrett Confirmation

Published on October 26, 2020

Trump voted in person at a Palm Beach library, had kids to the South Lawn Halloween bash with Melania, continues to hit the campaign trail hard, Amy Coney Barrett had her confirmation hearing, Melania may have a body double, Trump is definitely jealous of the attention Coronavirus is getting, and we got in touch with the guy who puts together all of Trump’s rally music, DJ Rod Trainer (Andy Daly).

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  • Reyna True 2 years ago

    STUPID rTump!!!

  • Pistol Pete 2 years ago

    as a neutral person this wasnt even funny.

  • CLAW CUZBRO 2 years ago

    lol Biden will take your windows , guns and air conditioners now lol soooooooooo crazy !

  • Danielle Bradford 2 years ago

    I think that they should be prosicuted for everyone who has died.

  • Will Naman 2 years ago

    Texas is probably suppressing more Republicans. Abbott is an idiot.

  • nhlpa17 2 years ago

    How on earth does anyone vote for this orange idiot?

  • Trippy McHippy 2 years ago

    Supertrump III : The Ramp

  • Jae Nin 2 years ago

    How could Dunno Trump think that the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 will magically disappear when Trump’s Stupidity pandemic of 2016 is still going strong?

  • Fresh Out The Vault 2 years ago

    Trump: “I felt like Superman”
    Oh you mean the illegal alien Superman?

  • spence duck 2 years ago

    Jimmy kimmel is disgusting now, the way he disrespects the presient, shame!

  • Ameleii Zane 2 years ago

    Fake Melania forgot not to smile. I can’t wait for the day we don’t have to worry about what these ppl are doing. Vote blue and vote them all out.

  • Sandy Allen 2 years ago

    Some states don’t list wether or not canidates are republican or demarcrats in some races. Maybe he was googling to find out who was republicans

  • Supergirl WinnerFG 2 years ago

    i dont know her i still gave her a chance see if her works is good in the future. i dont think i want to do that kind of job

  • Michael Clarebrough 2 years ago

    Love yo JK. From Buffalo, Australia

  • DP B 2 years ago

    If you look at the people that stand at those rallies it is interesting to see most of them are the same color!

  • john bonner 2 years ago

    he tweeted it was an “honor” to vote…for himself.

  • OxyMan 2 years ago

    Interview Joe Biden fool

  • Joe R 2 years ago

    Go Trump 2020. Best president ever, keep America strong, keep America, America

  • Furio 2 years ago

    *definitely fake melamia, cause the real one doesn’t know how to smile*


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