Trump Urges No Violence Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

Published on January 15, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, January 14.

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  • Daniel Tock 1 year ago

    Anything coming out of his chicken-butt mouth is so insincere that if u believe it, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn still up for sale.

  • Hardyboyz 1 year ago

    We couldn’t see the “under the table” the wink from trump when he gave those statements. All bollocks! Convict him!

  • Winston Ryan 1 year ago

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Kat McDeavitt 1 year ago

    I still love the fact that ‘Green Day,’ offered to perform at Trump’s Inauguration if they could play, “American Idiot.” Priceless.

  • Fusion Sensei 1 year ago

    TRUMP CALLED FOR MORE VIOLENCE. “I CANNOT emphasize that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking, and no vandalism of any kind.” – Donald Trump, Yesterday. watch at 02:55.

  • O.C. Kidd Kidd 1 year ago

    Blast you, Seth!
    I LOVE the farmers’ market!
    Now my wife looks at me funny every time I insist that we go take a leek together!

  • Ernest Holloway 1 year ago

    U can’t trust him

  • John Varro 1 year ago

    What’s the use of guns if they’re not going to use it..?

  • Dick Cheese 1 year ago

    If you get your news from late night TV hosts your brain is rotting

  • Junksaint 1 year ago

    We are close to solving it all. It happens faster than you think. Maybe after the 3 body problem can change our language we can communicate easier

  • layonya 1 year ago

    Dudes just not funny… and I hate trump

  • A S 1 year ago

    I would take 3 doors down any day over those two clowns (I am not a Trump supporter)

  • Rene Wilson 1 year ago

    Violence has ALREADY been evolved and it was by Trump!

  • Zachary Leatherwood 1 year ago

    MAGA tears taste like: Liberty & Justice for all. 🗽

  • Dylan L. 1 year ago

    Hey guys, look on the bright side!

  • Accountable 1 year ago

    Is totally the opposite the message is clear.
    Pray for peace, with the help of Mitch, Cruz, Rubio, and Jim Jordan he’s going to start his new campaign for 2024 on January 20, 2021.

  • outdoor fun 1 year ago

    The radical communist lefts days are numbered.

  • Parris Price 1 year ago

    You would expect keith would show up,another has been who never was ,destroyed

  • Tim Johnston 1 year ago

    I’m going to be really confused by people who want to do what he’s been telling them to, now somehow pivot to peaceful protesters? Sounds unlikely

  • dave 1 year ago

    ahh fractions


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