Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look

Published on July 20, 2017

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s New York Times interview, in which he lashes out at his own attorney general and threatens the special counsel investigating him.

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  • Thijs 12 months ago


  • behnam vahdati 12 months ago

    closer look should extend to 45 minutes

  • Get Rekt 12 months ago

    That interview was deeply troubling. Trump basically admitted that he demands loyalty from everyone working around him, and it even revealed that he thinks that the FBI reports to him! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a list of some of his other authoritarian like tendencies:
    – He banned certain media outlets from attending a white house press briefing
    – He has advisers that say his authority is not to be questioned (Stephen Miller)
    – He has called the free press the enemy of the American people
    – He installed senior aides in cabinets to spy on white house employees to make sure that everyone is loyal to Trump
    – He told house Republicans that they will lose their seats if they don’t support Trumpcare
    – He appointed friends and family to run government agencies, while they also run his businesses

    But if we dare to compare him to an authoritarian we’re just libtard snowflakes….

  • Gugglepluss Suques 12 months ago

    Who will rid us of this meddlesome carrot?

  • Black Omega X 12 months ago

    Trump does not know how to be president, or a leader.

  • Geospasmic 12 months ago

    “If he would have recused himself” AAAAAAAGGGHH I hate it when people say “if I would have”. It makes an adult sound like a six year old.

  • abelsincain 12 months ago

    Sessions’ accent makes me puke.

  • Jon B Baca 12 months ago

    Trump is literally saying “if I had known that my top law enforcement officer was going to follow legal and ethics rules, I never would’ve hired him.” Wow

  • R. m 12 months ago

    *”Trump has operated on a cushion of big money his entire life. He has never held a job or had a boss. His professional tactics have consistently involved bullying and lying, and his lack of personal morals has been on full display for all to see for decades.”*

    *”The man cares primarily and only about himself and what he perceives to be in his own immediate self interest. To him, things like rule of law and negative impacts on others are irrelevant and don’t apply.”*

  • the_dead_poet 12 months ago

    Trump is the stupidest thing that ever came inside white house ( and yes I m including Sarah Palin )… And he is the President.

  • Hunter Meier 12 months ago

    Laughed at the dog joke but then realized trump probably hates cats and dogs. Probably would never have time for them.

  • Ace Rose 12 months ago

    Good thing bad guys turn on eachother as much as they turn on good guys.

  • Christian The W 12 months ago

    DONALD TRUMP: CIVIL WAR is going to be a helluva movie

  • Guinness 12 months ago

    It’s 3 AM here, just wanted to say that you guys should impeach Trump and get a decent president xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • I'm A Nice Guy 12 months ago

    Don’t double cross a narcissist.

  • Kelvin Oliver 12 months ago

    I would go to jail just to punch trump in his face

  • Dylan Chester 12 months ago

    Trump literally treats Chris Christie like Peter Griffen treats Meg

  • Bruce Alrighty 12 months ago

    1 dislike? Donald is that you?

  • Captain Suky Cannon 12 months ago

    It’s always about HIM. Never the people. It’s extremely unfair to the President. He cares little about anyone or anything but him.

  • Dana Corbin 12 months ago

    Trump is a blossoming ignorant narcissistic dictator. Way to go United States xenophobic uninformed racist wealth worshipping idiots.


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