Trump Touts More Phony Accomplishments: The Daily Show

Published on June 6, 2017

Just like with his arms deal with Saudi Arabia and his tax reform push, President Trump makes a show of signing an infrastructure plan without actually accomplishing anything.

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  • Dan Aalfs 2 years ago

    Trump has no concept of what it means too be presidental or a good person in general
    than again I guess that’s what half the country elected him for
    in other good news Jeff sessions might resign

  • Yoga Pratamawadi 2 years ago

    Hello America, how’s thing going down there? #asianspeaking

  • Jose Rivera 2 years ago

    COVFEFE with cream please!

  • Kelvin Oliver 2 years ago

    I’m seeing less and less trump supporters

  • Peetar Ster 2 years ago

    Trump is as useful as a red light in GTA

  • Thortok2000 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that immediately tried to solve the maze before they stopped showing it? =P

  • Black Omega X 2 years ago

    Every day, it gets more embarrassing to be an American…

  • Feroza Akther 2 years ago

    JOKE of a president…

  • Becky Mason 2 years ago

    Literally stopped the video to solve the maze

  • Louie Marinda Jr. 2 years ago

    A MEMO??? hahahaha no binding effect! LMAO!!! .. what TAX deal??? Trump is such a pathological LIAR!!!

  • Stephanie Aguilar 2 years ago

    A tiny desk for President Tiny Hands

  • MovieBuffGinna 2 years ago

    I solved The Little Mermaid maze. Do I qualify for president now?

  • Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice 2 years ago

    *”Trump wants TO BE president
    but not DO president”*
    — good short summary for non-Americans to understand a bit of what kind of person Trump is.. :/

  • Josh Wilson 2 years ago

    Noah just gets better and better. Stewart made a good choice.

  • Cristian Acosta 2 years ago

    Impeachment everyone?

  • gugulethu ndlovu 2 years ago

    Man. I love Trevor’s Trump accent

  • Wingthors8hammer 2 years ago

    Its incredible how good Trevor got! Previously i liked to watch Colbert for the intelligent jokes and Trevor for the more shallow, standup jokes. Now its the other way around.
    Colbert is doing the same lame jokes everytime and his audience seems to go wild if he only says the word trump, while Trevor stays fresh and entertaining. Not only doing good jokes, but delivering great background information as well.
    Keep up the good work Trevor and Team!

  • Electrodude 2 years ago

    Tesla on its own produce more new jobs than whole coal industry combine! And that is just one company, there are many green companies out there and we are just starting, those jobs are the future!

    Trump is not acting in best interest of the people, he does favors for his rich elite friends and America is going to pay for that!

  • bunny fish 2 years ago

    thumb up if you hate trump

  • Erica Davis 2 years ago

    did anyone else stop the video to do the mirmad maze?


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