Trump to Give Primetime Address on the Shutdown: A Closer Look

Published on January 7, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the continuing government shutdown and President Trump announcing a primetime address to repeat his lies.

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  • Tiffany Black 2 years ago

    Ronald Bump.

  • ErynRenee 2 years ago


  • Srivatsan Parthasarathy 2 years ago

    It would be hilarious to see his address tomorrow

  • Akinefwa Adebyayor 2 years ago

    If you left wingers love illegals so much why don’t you open your doors to them and support them financially, but no you live in all white gated neighborhoods with 24/7 security. Shut up and let trump do what he was elected to do protect our borders and deport illegals. If he is allowed to implement his policies such as the border wall and fixing legal loopholes that will save hundreds of thousands of lives and maybe even those of your family members. Illegal aliens are dangerous and criminals by their very nature! That is why trump needs to be re elected.

  • Adam Ryan 2 years ago

    Seth, you missed a potential “Trumpe l’oeil” joke with that tunnel painting bit.

    Can I write for your show? 😀

  • Howard Kerr 2 years ago

    I think after watching this video that I have Chump figured out, he’s some kind of robot that an alien race has cursed us with and he is running on tapes that were badly damaged during his flight here. Then, to make matters worse, he is equipped with some kind of nuclear power plant that keeps him moving or talking 24/7/365.

  • mylxiong08 2 years ago

    Yes! My day is complete!

  • Russel Barden 2 years ago

    I find it funny how fox news is slowly seeming to turn on Trump and his minions with stuff that general public knows is complete BS.

  • Niko Batallones 2 years ago

    Steve Meyers makes really good saves, I mean, Steves, I mean, saves.

  • C.C. Ekeke 2 years ago

    Thank you Steve!

  • John LeMahieu 2 years ago

    He will have 4 walls and a bucket to poop in soon!!

  • Angela Kristin 2 years ago

    Thank God you’re back!

  • Phil S 2 years ago

    Now nobody gets a Jenga wall!

  • Chocolate Chip 2 years ago

    Glad Late Night with Steve Meyers is back!

  • Al69BfR 2 years ago

    Have you seen the guy behind the reporter, who looks back and forth between him and Trump as he can not believe what idea this reporter just successfully implanted into Trumps brain?

  • Ryan Flores 2 years ago

    Where the hell y’all been??

  • David Beppler 2 years ago

    Shut down the TSA, the only people who actually prevent terrorism to build a wall that does nothing to stop terrorism. Good plan dumbass.
    Either Mexico pays for it or we go to war with Mexico, bomb them, take the drug money, then build a wall to keep the angry Mexicans out. The war will only cost us 200-300 billion and kill 2-3 hundred american soldiers. This is a good plan. We will call it operation OrangeRetard.

  • Glenn Welsh 2 years ago

    Trump won’t back down from this because his fans on Fox & Friends criticized him when he first considered compromising. We have a President whose policy stances are dictated by cable news talking heads. And tomorrow, he’s gonna address the nation and reiterate everything about this wall that he’s already said in an effort to convince the nation that we really do need to spend $5 billion on a wall that people can climb over, fly over, dig underneath, or sail around anyway. This is the same man who thinks he’ll be able to change the mind of a federal prosecutor who wants to depose him in court, despite being told after participating in a mock deposition that he will end up in federal prison if he ever gets questioned under oath. This is how unhinged and clueless our President is.

  • Jaymie Conkle 2 years ago


  • Saffron Best 2 years ago

    I am not sure how these comedy shows were running when Trump was not there don’t they have any other topic


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