Trump Throws Tantrum from Tiny Desk

Published on November 30, 2020

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a little different this year, the five-year-old daughter of one of our producers ordered something crazy on Amazon by herself using their Alexa, Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. returned to the ring for a big fight, the Denver Broncos played without a quarterback on Sunday, President Elect Joe Biden injured his foot while playing with his dog, and Donald Trump spent his Thanksgiving yelling and screaming from behind a little baby desk, gave his first post-election interview, and Melania is putting her be best foot forward to celebrate Christmas at the White House.

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  • Marion Griffin 2 months ago

    Whenever Donnie John claims “they call” whatever, he’s admitting HE made it up. That poor baby. It’s gotta be hard on him to exit his mental universe and pretend to be a big boy.

  • Jason Quiggle 2 months ago

    That little girl is a natural hacker

  • Grace Marotta 2 months ago

    Someone should ask Trump if the last election was rigged when he won

  • Ellen Garrison 2 months ago

    OMG tRump looks way too weird!

  • Barbara Clair 2 months ago

    Tremendous creamed spinach, man!

  • Bradley Bruvva 2 months ago

    Lol, I had a giant Barney when I was little. He was massive.

  • hoii 2 months ago

    His hands aren’t that small actually, not sure where that came from

  • 文翰 2 months ago

    Mary had sexy time with three arab and made up a story about her son

  • fullmetal royal 2 months ago

    Let Guillermo talk dammit!!

  • MrYoumitube 2 months ago

    Trump is a nutcracker but he still received over 70 million votes, more than the 2016 election and the most by a republican in American history. After all irresponsibilities, incompetence and neglect Trump has committed over the past 4 years he still got a huge amount of votes. This makes me say America is f$cked!

  • Tyler lambrich 2 months ago

    “Why dont nobody care about my athhh” lmao. Let me stop making fun of mike fo he beat my ass.

  • Paula Keller 2 months ago

    Trump was congratulated by the biggest people. Like Putin, Kim Young Un, Duarte, King of Saudi Arabia and Dictator of Turkey.

  • Burmazing 2 months ago

    The resolute bedside table.

  • mom2boys86 2 months ago

    I forgot about heads up 7up. 🤗

  • Mike MUC 2 months ago

    Trump keeps fundraising. Every day this keeps going on makes him more money.

  • Dee Bee 2 months ago

    Simply Jimmy you suck!!! When did late night talk become about your political opinions!?, you look like a Simple Jimmy and you sound like a Simple Jimmy

  • Boomerino Kripperino 2 months ago

    Trump should be tried for treason. He drove this country to the ground.

  • OrionoftheStar 2 months ago

    “I think I bought a banana toy on Alexa.”
    I’ll be honest, I was not expecting something remotely family-friendly.

  • Joe Jack 2 months ago

    Can this show possibly be any more biased? Can it? Why don’t they just call it what it is? “Dems make fun of Trump”

  • Swapshots 2 months ago

    By TG 2021 he better be in Prison.!!


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