Trump Threw Out President Obama’s Pandemic Playbook

Published on December 5, 2020

Former President Barack Obama talks about his book, A Promised Land, shares his favorite memory about working with President-elect Joe Biden and talks about holding his tongue during Trump’s presidency.

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  • Craig Gordon 2 months ago

    Threw the book out eh? Its a shame there was only one copy. If only they had computers in those days.

  • Joseph Asfaw 2 months ago

    I like you guys both!

  • Julius Bailey 2 months ago

    Normal hahahaha 😅😅😅😅😅

  • A B 2 months ago

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  • B Randolph 2 months ago

    Sure do miss President Obama 😢 It was so nice having an intelligent and sane person as our Commander in Chief

  • Trevor Z. 2 months ago

    The Notorious O.B.A.M.A.

  • Lantanana 2 months ago

    I bought the audio book. I love audio books spoken by the author.. It is so much more personal!

  • Blacklily Orchard 2 months ago

    Trump’s ego killed people. Remember when he said he could should someone in time square and no one would care? His ego was the gun and many (hundreds of thousands) people around the globe are his victims.

  • Ashley Lorell 2 months ago

    obama is great person

  • MsAnpassad 2 months ago

    “It’s an honour to present the 44th president….”
    Me thinking: I wonder if anyone will ever present the 45th the same way?

  • BIG RED 2 months ago


  • devin bheem 2 months ago

    He falls in line with all the presidents of this country, they’re all murderers that killed innocent people including children. Obama should be in jail along with trump, Bush and Clinton. Americans are blinded by the glorification of leaders in this country and they get away with atrocities against humanity without consequences.

  • Glenn Davey 2 months ago

    I just realised… the suit brings out Fake Laugh Interviewer Jimmy. I really hope he goes back to the casuals. You’ve been so GOOD this year Jimmy! ( I think it’s nerves. )

  • Mark Eaton 2 months ago

    Bull crap media propaganda wrapped up as entertainment.

  • Masha E 2 months ago

    For more context on Obama, check out He’s charismatic and brilliant, but he’s made many unethical decisions.

  • Anne Macleod 2 months ago

    Shirt and tie = respect.
    Nice, Jimmy!

  • 地球に感謝 2 months ago


  • borabelle 2 months ago

    Obama is the only president I knew and paid attention to during my formative years as a teen and I cried when he got inaugurated. I knew that he will be the face of the millennials and his presidency is where change happened. Gay rights, gay marriage, LGBTQ rights… and now seeing Joe nominating diverse/women to his cabinet gives me so much hope for our future. Make America Great Again, Joe!

  • LGM 2 months ago

    You know that book is going to be a reading assignment in History or Humanities classes. Good luck kids! 😉

  • whooshkaboomie 2 months ago

    Obama should’ve released a “How to be a President for Dummies”


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