Trump Threatens Not to Leave White House on Inauguration Day: A Closer Look

Published on December 17, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president and his enablers continuing their attempt to end democracy just a month ahead of the end of the Trump administration.

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  • Grant the Pilot 2 years ago

    GOP & FOX & Trump-voters make me SICK, so VIRUS, please reciprocate!

  • LadyofBakerStreet 2 years ago

    fell asleep at 5:12

  • Janet Marshall 2 years ago

    Quit saying “his power”. He works for US.

  • Rona Ninyo 2 years ago

    As if I couldn’t love Seth anymore, he shows he has impeccable taste and knows what the best Billy Joel song is😍

  • Les Hewson 2 years ago

    Not only America has to put up with Fox propaganda, Australia is suffering from the same disease of these Fox morons pushing Trump on Australians. Maybe Australia will let him rule them for the next four years before coming back to America to rule again from 2024

  • Drwatsonca 2 years ago

    ONE AMERICAN ONE VOTE. Time to get rid of the Electoral College and force the Republicans to actually win the popular vote.

  • Jan Berry 2 years ago

    Trump is such a has been. I request rotten tomatoes to be thrown any time Trump appears in public after January 20, 2021. And perhaps House Republicans too. You don’t have to hit them, just all around them, lol.

  • Saradhi D 2 years ago

    May be his religion Christianity teaches him this.And Jesus told him to behave like this.

  • Arbi M 2 years ago

    Trump is your daddy

  • janine Chase-Russel 2 years ago

    Thirty people? Thirty? That’s it? Thirty out of how many constituents? He decides to listen to 30 people who obviously have little to no grasp of reality instead of the masses of people he’s supposed to represent in good faith? Claims that they’re not crazy? Really? So being delusional isn’t crazy. Got it. *The guy should have had the guts to tell this small group of thirty people they’re wrong about the facts. Maybe he was afraid they were crazy. 🤪

  • Lisa B in Hawaii 2 years ago

    Yes!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have to drag him out.

  • dingledongle69 2 years ago

    Democracts calling republicans unreasonable that kids is called Irony

  • Janice Brown 2 years ago

    I just can’t wait to see Drumpf draged out of the White House 🤐🤥🍊💩💯🎊🎉🥳🇺🇸❣️

  • Stikibits 2 years ago

    Democracy runs on objectivity.
    Tyranny runs on subjectivity.

  • Plaidnation 2 years ago

    It’s so sad to think the United States of America has a deadbeat best friend sleeping on america’s couch. When did we become You, me, and Trump.

  • Leo Green 2 years ago

    Does the company that makes Kelly Loeffler’s wig make a girdle? … I am asking for a friend, his name is DONALD.

  • Vanny ARTS 2 years ago

    Real winners/ men knows how to lose to become a winner/man

  • Jorge Gulias Merelles 2 years ago

    Piano man.

  • T Gong 2 years ago

    If Biden don’t get it together he going for one term. It time he wake up I see why he didn’t win the presidency before kamala better check him.


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