Trump Threatens Military Action in Venezuela: A Closer Look

Published on January 30, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump floating the possibility of using military force in Venezuela.

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  • Nonya Bizness 2 years ago

    so much for last month’s proclamation of being a nationalist.

  • Daniel Varela 2 years ago

    To all the Americans here who are curious about what the USA government can do in Latin America make yourself a favor and Google operation condor. It will be an interesting reed no doubt.

    Saludos desde México.

  • Lindsay Flowers 2 years ago

    When did anyone prove that the Venezuelan election was rigged Seth you parrot????

  • ecilana1234 2 years ago

    Is every person working in the White House practically a cartoon character?

  • Nathan Lerud 2 years ago

    I thought he said it cost like 6 trillion which with opportunity costs sounds about right

  • Kah Weng Chok 2 years ago

    US sanctioned a country’s economy and then turn around to laugh at those country for not thriving economically. Such hypocrisy.

  • shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn 2 years ago

    Remember when Trump bitched about the USA being the police of the world. Trump has no intention of going to war…it would interfere with his TV time and vacations.

  • Dave Dee 2 years ago

    Take other country’s resources? Check.
    Kill family members of suspected bad guys? Check

    Two squares covered for war crimes bingo.

  • Joseph Hsu 2 years ago

    Venezuela= what happens when socialism happens.

  • Just the Coolest Dude Yo 2 years ago

    Can we just use our foreign policy to make life better for humans? Like, I get it, rich people want Venezuelan oil, but maybe they don’t need to be pandered to?

  • Rice Crash 2 years ago

    So Venezuela was sanctioned by America, blockading their oil sales and sending the country into poverty. All because Venezuela wanted to nationalise oil and America wanted it. Now the Venezuelan democratically elected leader is being threatened by an American back coup and American propaganda. But hey lets get upset over Russia posting facebook ads. Evil, fucking lying, corrupt, establishment American government. Just a disgrace.

  • Gary Gautreau 2 years ago

    never mentioned anything about the USA sanctions that caused the inflation ,prompting everything wrong in Venezuela,, everyone knows only reason anyone cares about Venezuela is ,,,OIL

  • Eric 2 years ago

    There is no reason to believe the financial problems in Venezuela now were not caused by the USA. The USA needs that to justify military action. In short they will kill people to prevent people dying.

  • elephant march 2 years ago

    Venezuela is less a lessona but the dangers of socialism and far MORE a danger of Oil dependency

  • Ellen Lewis 2 years ago

    Another distraction indeed. What’s Burr so happy about?

  • FallenGodMark Mark-Kuhns 2 years ago

    Okay, that joke about the gym teacher filling in for spanish class hit too close to home. That actually happened in my high school, and went basically word for word. Although you forget the part where the gym teachers eats a subway sandwich.

  • Andy Her 2 years ago

    How can Trump, who has helped Putin destabilize liberal democracies the world over–including here at home, possibly claim to have anything approaching noble intentions in Venezuela? He and Bolton want to do it for 4 reasons only:

    1. Because Venezuela is socialist
    2. Because they want to steal their oil
    3. To bump up his numbers in the polls, and
    4. To deflect attention away from the 17 investigations threatening his gangster presidency

    This cannot be allowed–and remember, the only thing the Owners fear is feet in the street. The antiwar movement 50 years ago scared Nixon shitless.

  • Pete Paul 2 years ago

    Wow seth. Wow.
    Are all your childish trump jokes finally up. Every joke barely elicited a chuckle in your own crowd. Falling flat dude.

    I know you’ll secretly vote for trump’s re elect.. I know you will.
    If he goes, you literally have NO material ya left leaning idiot.

    Go back to kneeling under Lorns desk

  • Isaac Alonzo 2 years ago

    Trump just feels Venezuela is in need of some freedom, but mostly for oil related issues.

  • David Perez 2 years ago

    Are those the tan lines from those goggles in the tanning beds? Gimme a f-ing break!


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