Trump Thinks He Bought America | The Daily Show

Published on October 17, 2019

Neal Brennan floats a theory about why Donald Trump has been so uncooperative with the congressional impeachment probe. #TheDailyShow #NealBrennan



  • mac 187 4 weeks ago

    Fuck u fuck fuck u u coo and fuck u im out

  • At Wknh 4 weeks ago

    I know this suppose to be funny/a joke, But its 100 %accurate . I hope it won’t be to late before people woke up and see where he is taking us. What he wants is to OWN the united sate citizens as Kim the Korea leader owned his people. Of course, His supports think they are excluded.

  • em KO 4 weeks ago

    Neil and his shiny gold Rolex again!

  • George Page 4 weeks ago

    Neil use to work with Dave Chappelle.

  • Diana Vogel 4 weeks ago

    I don’t think this is far from the truth

  • Caddy Joey 4 weeks ago

    The word my lol

  • MegaVIDEOPOWER MegaVIDEOPOWER 4 weeks ago

    He did Trumptards sold it to him

  • Freeboys Comedy 4 weeks ago

    So sweet

  • null090909 4 weeks ago

    That analysis was actually a lot deeper than I anticipated.

  • Sonia Sanchez 4 weeks ago

    Trump does have a slave rheycall her melania

  • Cole Vick 4 weeks ago

    Well he did just stop a war in Turkey by doing absolutely nothing. The Luigi Defense.

  • Pusha Boy XXX 4 weeks ago

    Hold up… the Greenland thing was only 8 weeks ago?!?!
    It feels like it’s been longer

  • Shadow Realm 4 weeks ago

    So like his own busineses from before he”ll bankrupt america

  • Spencer Eaton 4 weeks ago

    I’m pretty sure trump doesnt think. He’s a puppet. But so os trevor and and all of these late night hosts.

  • Takunda Chikura 4 weeks ago

    viewing america from the outside I’ve seen that democrats there think trumps a racist, but in actuality his just xenophobic and nationalist.his policies just don’t affect mexicans only and judging by decision to pull troops out of syria his basically looking out for America and HIMSELF first because the war doesn’t really do anything for america since it’s not its job to choose who should govern a nation and protect another nation for nothing in return.
    i’m in no way defending trump but i just see this as unnecessary fighting

  • Howie Thao 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, sounds about right.

  • Jamil Jewelry Llc 4 weeks ago

    That is it in a nutshell

  • Pietro Jenkins 4 weeks ago

    ” Trump Thinks He Bought America” …same way he’s bought so many pussies and so many stupid folks bought so much of his BS.

  • Jo 4 weeks ago

    Wow, that guy looks like he is following the fucking reader for his fucking life! Get a guy who can see them maybe he could read a little ahead shit

  • David J. McGee 4 weeks ago

    Not a big fan of these scripted conversations/sketches. They seem overly artificial contrasted against the rest of the show.


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