Trump Tells Congressman to “Go Back” to “Rat-Infested” Baltimore | The Daily Show

Published on July 29, 2019

Trump floats tariffs on French wine as retaliation for France’s taxes on American tech companies, blames Obama for the White House’s shifty A/C, and takes shots at Rep. Elijah Cummings and his home city of Baltimore.



  • Aunty Mammalia 2 years ago

    A. How would Trump know what the air conditioning was like before Obama? B. Surely Trump’s racism has crossed the line with Elijah Cummings, surely. This is truly gut-wrenching. And C. Yep, he’s racist.

  • Shivo hum 2 years ago

    Trump is right, Trevor is a RACIST and he always sees everything as black and white race problem. Only a racist mind can connect rat infestation problem to being a racist. B’cos no one else can think above that. That congressman called the ICE officer a lot of names and no one cares about it. Trump will 2nd time again. Thanks for trying to destroy Trump, you only work for Trump even when u try to destroy his name.

  • linx finx 2 years ago

    Don’t know why Twitter won’t freeze up his account

  • Anthony Lucas 2 years ago

    Those places are owned by his son in law Kushner

  • William Perrow 2 years ago

    Spirochetes have infested Trump’s brain, just like Al Capone.

  • Wizard Tim 2 years ago

    The reason he uses the word infested so much is simple projection.

    He has crabs, and so *everything* must be infested.

  • Gage Luciano 2 years ago

    Trump is the biggest joke ever lol it never ends

  • francesco arbia 2 years ago

    trevor noah
    he has no real arguments
    so he puts up this little show to have a laugh.

    he meets the requirements for a job in the national tv
    of the democratic republic of congo.

  • Magdalis Almodovar 2 years ago

    Dealing with this lunatic 45 its exhausting seriously with his hatred and racism, enough is enough. We should do as the Puerto Ricans did to their governor, protest in front of the WH and get him out. He’s the most despicable disgusting disgrace man in America history. Love Trevor he’s hilarious.

  • Jose De Avila 2 years ago

    The stupidest motherfucker’s ever so sad this bitch is the president of the most powerful and the mos wonderful country in the planet

  • Morgan Yoite 2 years ago


  • Seven 2 years ago

    Aahh shoot my city doesn’t have rats its BORING HERE

  • Drexel Finnicum 2 years ago

    This white guy thinks Racist are just stupid people. This unfortunately includes some of my relatives especially the ones whom live in the south.

  • Brandon Bonett 2 years ago

    *I don’t like it’s taste, I like it’s look*
    And fun fact that’s his wedding vowls 😉

  • daddylongdreads 2 years ago

    The stable doofus, does it again, my goodness, #TheRealDickheadTrump…..

  • J Jackson 2 years ago

    It constantly goes from freezing to hot?
    His menopause kicking in.

  • Christine Sanders 2 years ago

    What I don’t get is when others point out problems in the US trump says that their unamerican, yet trump himself has made horrendous remarks about American cities. ?????? Hypocrisy much????

  • REGIS NGABOYISONGA 2 years ago

    The joke on AC in WH was on point??

  • Chase McBrien 2 years ago

    It’s okay. USA is about to be cleaned up with nukes. Going to get the scum and rodents right out of there.

  • yerb 2 years ago



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