Trump Teases Reporters with Mexico Immigration Deal Papers

Published on June 12, 2019

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Tuesday, June 11, and audience members try to match Drake’s enthusiastic NBA Finals facial expressions.

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  • Sophia Anne Coleman 5 months ago

    6 straight minutes of Jimmy giving people dinosaur parts

  • Yolo Lollipops 5 months ago

    Jimmy hope you are doing well.. the way you looked in this video makes me wonder if you are getting sufficient sleep or are unwell

  • Suset Quintana 5 months ago

    Amo a este sujeto❤

  • APATSHY 5 months ago


  • KaranSood 5 months ago

    This is Bob 🐢
    Bob wants to do a world trip 🌍
    Every like = 1km 👍

  • Who Man 5 months ago

    Wow he can handle his weed really well

  • Rushan Orakzai 5 months ago

    5:05 looks like a gay orgy tbh

  • Anabis Anabis 5 months ago

    Jimmy now has a moustache wow

  • MynameisLish y 5 months ago

    *This is how many people love Trump*

    👇 *not*

  • Zeynep k 5 months ago

    Jimmy you are amazing .shdnjdjdndkfhf

  • Brainstorming Plus 5 months ago

    What an absolute mental patient! But instead of put him in a mental hospital, they elected him “President.” What a nonsense society!

  • Ramesh Suresh 5 months ago

    I love you Jimmy……

  • Ridzuan Rizal 5 months ago

    1:52 when your mom calls you then you answer “what” and than mom be like : (silence)

  • Mcbeg33 5 months ago

    1:10 what a weird smile. “ you guys really buying this “?!

  • Xjns Uzbsh 5 months ago

    How do I know that it worked at the end of a donkey like you did not get good one thing of all things but that’s how I know that they noticed and read the comments and I have to give sometimes something unusual that can sound stupid, I do not name one flag of Brazil or Greece and get it 128 Imag. 👍
    I am also happy that I am an Israeli and a Jew. I have to expose hypocrisy and madness from all the stupid hates in our small world

  • Linda Butler 5 months ago

    Hi Jimmy! Ha ha Iowa’s logo does look just like him,omgoodness LMAO! You Rock Jimmy! Another amazing video,do you help write the scripts? Either way,great content all the time and every time!

  • Must have Coca-Cola 5 months ago

    Okay, am I the only one who notices Fallon’s eyes are super puffy?!? I went back through his monologues, and there is something going on!! Either he’s stoned, or has a rough case of blepharitis OR had some work done…someone enlighten me, just curious…8-/

  • skooz skuzz 5 months ago

    ahahahha we love u

  • X- raided559 5 months ago

    U can tell there actors


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