Trump Tax Bombshell Reveals How the System Is Rigged: A Closer Look

Published on September 28, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Trump being on the verge of putting a third justice on the Supreme Court after pulling one of the greatest tax cheats in American history.

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  • Mary Beth Smith-Hynes 1 year ago

    Does anybody believe Trump could successfully and independently complete a 1040EZ for Barron’s part time summer job? But sure, he’s the genius who successfully manipulated the US tax code to reduce his amount owed to zilch.

  • John David 1 year ago

    Writing off capital losses against income tax is not even good accounting – but if that’s the rule then it’s legal BUT lying about the capital value of your property is NOT legal. If he pays too much for his property and they always go down in value he is a dead loss as a real estate guru. Buy a property then watch it go down in value? Man – Trump you sucker buy my house please!

  • leatherjacket9 1 year ago

    So is he guilty of the same thing as Al Capone?

  • Mario S 1 year ago

    The Blockbuster jokes were so cringe.. I literally had to look away..

  • D. F. 1 year ago


  • Alejandro Arditti Wolfovicz 1 year ago

    The freaming is untrue
    This show is false

  • Bobbi Berry 1 year ago

    Does Seth have a cold? Poor guy sounds a little congested.

  • Lee Higginbotham 1 year ago

    It’s sweet justice that this guy has had to do this for 6 months with no laughter. It was never funny. It still isn’t.

  • Saiful Arefin 1 year ago

    Get ready guys it is genius o clock

  • Relevant Information 1 year ago


  • rareswag 1 year ago

    Who didn’t see this result a mile away? THIS is reason #1 he should have been in prison the last decade, not the white house, not ever. 😤

  • SyntaxError 999 1 year ago

    Family guy called it poor.

  • Roboman Robo 1 year ago

    Got to stop you there, that story of the guys working on thing apps in there basement is the Story Of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. I think you get the point.

  • alf rulz 1 year ago

    I really really hate to hear this whale drone on and on and on

  • Joseph Song 1 year ago

    Vote him out

  • Frank Jomungle 1 year ago

    Video is 13 minutes 12 seconds long thank u ACAB

  • K M 1 year ago

    I’m talking Years of abuse haha

  • Lise Dolen 1 year ago

    Trump….proud bankrupter of 6 companies and one country, both morally and financially. No surprise to anyone with a shred of intelligence, as for the supporters…..tired of winning yet?

  • Umu Z 1 year ago

    How is this guy not in JAIL!!!

  • schwedenify 1 year ago


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