Trump Takes Classified Docs Case to SCOTUS; Rudy’s Gross Toilet Habits: A Closer Look

Published on October 5, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Trump appealing a ruling in his stolen classified documents case directly to the Supreme Court, including Justice Clarence Thomas, whose wife has been directly implicated in Trump’s attempted coup, posing a major test to the strength of our constitutional system.

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  • Chris Barnett 8 months ago

    The studio really looks bigger on tv than in person lol

  • Mene0 8 months ago

    Thanks Seth

  • Visfor Vegan 8 months ago

    One correction: Trump hasn’t destroyed anything. He’s exposed a lot that people were paying attention to, that why McConnell hates him.

  • Edward Ames Castellano 8 months ago

    Make shaw that Rudy “Stinky Deuces” Giuliani has a can of air freshneh wit’em!!!

  • Gustave DeLior 8 months ago

    Donald Trump is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Treasonist)

  • Steven Kerksiek 8 months ago

    I hate that this is how I get my news but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • tamaraclaw 8 months ago

    Impressed that Seth Meyers knows about Cronkite…

  • marketvulture 8 months ago

    Oh wow. Kudos. Haven’t laughed like that at one his pieces in a minute.

  • Ding Gus 8 months ago

    1:12 why is this true?

  • MChaseC5 8 months ago

    Correction: Trump’s dump wouldn’t look anything like a Triceratops’. Triceratops were herbivores with a diet high in fiber. Fiber translates to full, voluminous dumps whereas Big Macs are highly processed breads and proteins that are more likely to lead to rocky and painful stools.

  • not really 8 months ago

    Glad Trump’s pushing back against this crap

  • Hy Seize 8 months ago

    “Cut one head off, another one grows back.”
    The GOP is an organization of PERVERTS:
    They have PERVERTED, poisoned & polluted the political process by polarizing & politicizing everything they can to try & divide. They’ve diminished the legitimacy, integrity & credibility of Congress, the Presidency, and the SCOTUS & just about every Federal Agency & Department imaginable – including the Secret Service, FBI, DHS, Inspectors General & the Pentagon.
    More important: The complicity & culpability of the GOP – they are American democracy’s cancer, Trump only a dangerous tumor.
    The GOP brand has been damaged beyond redemption & rightfully so. They are responsible for the downward spiral of civility, ethics & morality in American politics over the past 60 years. They are the primary source of disinformation, distortions, distractions, subversion, obstruction, sabotage, and selective “law” that only benefits their party in spite of what’s best & desired by the majority of Americans.
    Decent “Conservatives” need to find a different Party to join that can legitimately participate in American democracy. This means they must be willing to lose gracefully & accept the peaceful transfer of power IN ADDITION to demonstrating a connection to truth, logic, facts & reality – MIA from the GOP which is now a DTO worthy of expulsion via an attempted coup resulting in insurrection – both acts of sedition – and treason.
    The reluctance or inability of “Conservatives” to acknowledge facts, truth & reality in a timely manner is what makes them a Clear & Present Danger to the safety, security, health & public welfare of America – and human existence on Planet Earth
    Manchin/Garland, “Conservatives”
    The majority of the GOP has clearly indicated that they are endorsing cheaters (& cheating) to win elections. And “Party over Country” as their philosophy. And that rot extends from their corrupt greedy, hypocritic “leadership” at the top to their brainwashed, blindly allegiant, ignorant, gullible, duped bottom. THE BARREL IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

  • Adam 8 months ago

    Correction (I f*cking hope): at 5:10 you (mis)spoke and said “Now, in the past, my *erection* has been…”

    Please tell me you meant to say “reaction.”


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