Trump Supporters Think He Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: A Closer Look

Published on May 10, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at the president violating the Iran deal, his CIA director nominee being grilled on her past involvement in torture and Trump’s supporters calling for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Byron King 2 weeks ago

    Watching from London 😌

  • John Smith 2 weeks ago

    Vote Democrat in November. Circus over!

  • Thomas Milne 2 weeks ago

    Thanks man. Sometimes this is the only reason I find to laugh all day. Love this segment.

  • Jim's videos 2 weeks ago

    The comparison to NK with the bully who suddenly and suspiciously starts acting friendly is worth remembering.

  • Emm Bee Sea 2 weeks ago

    Maybe not a Nobel Peace Prize, but how about a Nobel Piece Prize?

    This country is split into more pieces than ever before.

  • Connor Walters 2 weeks ago

    I think the Prize should go to the Korean diplomats who actually did the negotiating. They worked the hardest, they deserve it.

  • Big Ben 2 weeks ago

    Can you get the Nobel in prison ??

  • Lord Dice X 2 weeks ago

    Jong Un is playing the hell out of Washington, again! Also, No prizes for leaving the Iranian nuke agreement.

  • Ice Ice KODI 2 weeks ago

    There are still Trump supporters? Do they walk in circles? Lock HIM up! Lock HIM UP!

  • Worf 2 weeks ago

    Trump’s Nobel prize will be more bigly and tremendous than Obama’s.

  • Heracross X 2 weeks ago

    The day Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize will be the day that that award loses all goddamn meaning.

  • CN What I'm Saiyan? 2 weeks ago

    USA: “My work here is done.”

    NK/SK: “But you didn’t do anything.”

    USA: [Swishes cape]

  • Babbleplay 2 weeks ago

    No more proof needed Trump supporters lack any connection to reality.

  • Dark Star 2 weeks ago

    “Trump supporters think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize”

    *For what?! Deciding to violate the Iran Deal?!* Doesn’t everything he’s done recently completely go against the whole idea of the Peace Prize?!

  • alexcompton629 2 weeks ago

    Nobel Piss Prize

  • carlos lopez 2 weeks ago

    Gina should be water boarded to get a Yes or No answer.

  • Reagan Lear 2 weeks ago

    Jedi mind tricks only work on weak minds.
    Kamala Harris is not having it.

  • Dark Star 2 weeks ago

    Welp, we’ve made it. We’ve reached the day where people can feel comfortable mocking people who get hurt on their way to negotiating peace with a hostile foreign nation *without shame.*


    Welcome to America everyone. Please don’t stay long.

  • Jason Bean 2 weeks ago

    Presidents should not be eligible for Nobel Peace prizes until their term is complete.


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