Trump Supporters Accuse Biden of Being “Weak” at Putin Summit: A Closer Look

Published on June 17, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at how those who approved of Donald Trump’s friendly attitude toward Putin are claiming President Biden wasn’t tough enough.

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  • cowboyTS 3 months ago

    If that thing Fox News is still a thing it’s because it has audience, meaning, a lot of Americans are that way. They love lies and they lie as well, even to themselves, fighting enthusiastically to keep staying ignorant and poor and exploited by the mega zillionaires who own them. “Just give me the blue pill and the (fake) steak”.

  • Charles Sweet 3 months ago

    So those cousin foxxers, think Aviator Joe is weak…. hahaha

  • Mitzi B 3 months ago

    I think Biden’s comment was a warning.
    Check out Maddow.

  • mattep74 3 months ago

    Is the play real or just fantasy by seth?

  • Michael Shaughnessy 3 months ago

    Of course Biden is more experienced he was a politician before becoming President not a TV host and terrible businessman.

  • ja weh 3 months ago

    personally, I would love it if you milked a joke/reference maybe 3 times and then let it go. this is where it starts jumping the shark for me. I wish for no more vanilla ice, cicada cicada, mc hammer, or wally intermezzos (nothing personal).

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 3 months ago

    If you showed a series of rorschach inkblot test cards to republicans/fux news, they’d be so antagonistic that every card would be Biden chewing a flag whilst trampling an AK-47…

  • David Sanchez 3 months ago

    “from London to the Bay” – you can’t touch this show!

  • DFR666 3 months ago

    American ‘patriots’ hoping the Russian leader gets the better of their President is genuinely one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen..

  • Eph Imp 3 months ago

    With Fox News coverage like that, it’s no wonder so many conservatives want to commit treason against their own country

  • Delight Loves Movies 3 months ago

    The only thing that’s unique about Trump is that he’s the only president who wore more make up than his wife.

  • Ava Masquerade 3 months ago

    Watching the talking heads at fox news troll themselves and spin out over every little thing is cathartic as hell 😘

  • THOMAS MILLER 3 months ago

    How is Fox News not legally required to put ‘Republican mouth piece’

  • scorpio3110 3 months ago

    What summit were Fox news watching? Coz it definitely wasn’t the one that actually happened

  • Gillie Michet 3 months ago

    So Nathan Lane was on Colbert tonight and he likened himself to a cicada…I thought he was going to bring up Cicada Cicada, but alas he did not.

  • fassil kiros 3 months ago

    The United States of

  • Karla Marie 3 months ago

    Does anyone remember how Fox News compared to Putin favorably to Obama and this was right after Obama was inaugurated practically.

  • Tim Atkinson 3 months ago

    Fox News is a joke. They are not a news agency, they are republican propaganda!!!


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