Trump Supporter Behind Crumbling Border Wall Segment Wins $1.7B Contract To Build More Wall

Published on July 14, 2020

Contractor Tommy Fisher, who led a group that constructed three miles of now-crumbling border fence along the Rio Grande, has been awarded a huge contract to build additional segments of Trump’s border wall. #StephenAtHome #Comedy #TheWall

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  • MyrtleSoupProds 1 month ago

    I love Fats Waller

  • Paul Diver 1 month ago

    Nice, hearing the missus laughing at “perhsps”. 🙂

  • AnnaKate 1 month ago

    Reality has officially become Arrested Development.

    Only, y’know. Even more insane.

  • Mandy B 1 month ago

    If anyone truly wants to grasp just how much $1b is, may I suggest you go and watch Tom Scott’s latest video (came out yesterday – the title is obvious. Don’t be put off by its length, you can skip some parts or play them at a higher speed).

    We think we know how much bigger it is than $1m, but I can assure you that the vast majority of you won’t. When you realise just how much bigger $1b is if stacked one $1 bill on top of another, you will be less blasé about figures like that. You may not want to watch it all, but I do suggest you watch the first 5 mins or thereabouts (it’ll make sense when you watch it) and go to the last few minutes when he tells you how much bigger $1 trillion is than a billion.

    Being typical Tom, he keeps politics out of it, but I suggest you then look at how much Trump has really cost the economy by giving tax breaks to his “friends” and taking away from healthcare and education.

    Please, do go watch this. It seems like a trivial thing to do, but I can promise you, it’s ultimately one of the biggest lessons you’ll learn in your life. It will also help to put into perspective the figures bandied about during election time. Enjoy 😀

  • Gary King 1 month ago

    The GROSS INCOMPETENCE just doesn’t stop with this administration! I hope we have some hungry and brilliant reporters out there who will follow the money.

  • David 1 month ago

    So what’s being done about this fraud? $1.7B could do so much instead of lining con and I mean CON pockets.

  • Danielle King 1 month ago


  • Conny Bartels 1 month ago

    Haha couldn’t stop laughing at the stupid ignorant idiots. Collapsed walls and what a corruption. America do something!! You can’t just sit down and seeing all the walls collapsed

  • Tabby Smithfield 1 month ago

    Remember when presidents were literate?

  • kay cartledge 1 month ago

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  • Last place Rebel 1 month ago


  • Shin Yagami 1 month ago

    Now imagine this whole idiotic or dare I say Trumpedian (yes just invented this hope it will catch on lol, means something stupid beyond anything we have known to this day) venture being built with tax payers money…

  • Corkfish1 1 month ago

    Kind of like Obama and Solyndra.

  • We g 1 month ago

    Damn you are so funny

  • T BZ 1 month ago

    Putin runs Trump, as per his piss.

  • Kim Clarke 1 month ago

    Lol 😂😂😂😂. A Republican that’s an idiot. Who would have thought…

  • Roger McCaslin 1 month ago

    I’m surprised that guy didn’t get a cabinet position.

  • Aaron Kerrigan 1 month ago

    1987: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
    2020: “Mother Nature, tear down this wall!”

  • Lord Knightcon 1 month ago

    $1.7 billion to build more wall. Jesus Christ. He literally sold the Brooklyn Bridge to the White House…

  • Ali Mohammed 1 month ago

    Good to see you back

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