Trump Suggests Delaying the Election, Which He Can’t Do: A Closer Look

Published on July 30, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president suggesting delaying the November election, which would be a flagrant violation of the Constitution and the law.

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  • redwolfcanisrufus 6 months ago

    Trump hates losing too bad all he does is lose.

  • Michael Broderick 6 months ago

    Best quarantine show of them all

  • midknight 6 months ago

    He wants to delay the election because he, Putin and his postmaster general haven’t finished rigging the voting systems yet

  • David Edwards 6 months ago

    No problem Bunker Baby. We know you are terrified of loosing, and equally terrified by the Corona virus. So here is the PERFECT solution, that YOU thought of yourself.
    Have the polling stations in SCHOOLS. You have said they are perfectly safe, so there will be no problem…RIGHT?
    And sending kids back to schools, because they are safe, was YOUR idea. RIGHT???
    And we know YOU would never lie about peoples safety, WOULD YOU. So there you go. Polling stations in schools, all safe, Bone Spurs said so.

  • Tarmat Fintech 6 months ago


  • Urrcreavesh 6 months ago

    You know what, I’ve lost all sanity. Sea Captain 2020.

  • pandachuzero 6 months ago

    i’m pretty sure the sea captain is Andy Samberg

  • 16letterd1 6 months ago

    that was the whole reason he refuses to do anything about covid, isn’t it? keep putting off elections until it’s “safe”, then refuse to help make it safe

  • A M 6 months ago

    Don’t work for the Senator. Easy

  • G&MM 6 months ago

    Trump wants to delay the election because he’s been winning so much he’s grown tired of winning.

  • PantherBuddy 0 6 months ago

    Trump doesn’t care about the constitution.

  • Butt Hurtz 6 months ago

    Jail time for these criminals. Real prisons for these criminals. Maximum security with the common folk.

  • Jess Stuart 6 months ago

    Chrysler is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat.

  • Tempe Snyder 6 months ago

    So… Chump is going to do everything he can to stop or change the election. I hope that, short of getting foreign interference, there is NOTHING he can do. Is that right?

  • Melvin Jamerson 6 months ago

    But sending Children back to school is ok?America America America We have to Vote all of Them Out America.

  • Carpenter 6 months ago

    It’ll be nice when they get rid of that bum in the white house. He’s like another virus.

  • Darkwolf 444 6 months ago

    I love how immediately after the screen card, the book was swapped, lol.

  • SoundStorm Studios 6 months ago

    Seth legit said he won’t change Thorn Birds, and look at 1:16 🤣😂😆

  • Mary Keller 6 months ago

    I keep hearing people say to do something to stop this lunacy but when I specifically ask what I can do NOW the response is always vote blue. Please, suggestions of what to do now, 4 months from now may be too late!

  • Rueben Aragon 6 months ago

    Trumpists always act like trump is playing 3D chess 🙄 😒 he’s really trying to flip the board over


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