Trump Successfully Wears Pants, Eyes 2024 & Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Cauldron of COVID Garbage

Published on June 7, 2021

A royal baby arrived this weekend, Bachelorette Katie kicked off her new season of “The Bachelorette” on ABC and our vaccinated audience member of the week is a big fan, Donald Trump took the old routine back on the road for the North Carolina state GOP convention where there was talk that he may have suffered a wardrobe malfunction, backwards-seeming pants seem to be a problem for the Republican party in general, Trump seems to be watching our show and discussing it with MyPillow Mike, Marjorie Taylor Greene is busy stirring up a cauldron full of garbage and demanding answers about COVID from President Biden, Pastor Rick Wiles is spreading the Gospel of Misinformation, Jeff Bezos is headed to space, and major corporations are putting out statements in celebration of Pride.


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  • Bishop Walters 2 years ago

    Jimmy is just a sad little man that can’t be creative or funny anymore.

  • Mischief Manager 101 2 years ago

    Diaper was on backwards.

  • Faiezi abu bakar 2 years ago

    No more april fools.. it’s now june 31 fools

  • Vittoria Rose 2 years ago

    Nice diss on Albuquerque. Gonna go ahead and never watch your show again.

  • Patrick Swezey 2 years ago

    how if he can just find his little brain he may find his weres my Adderall..

  • Mike Hosier 2 years ago

    “So he can see everything he owns” that’s funny

  • Festus Nord McCrapweasel 2 years ago

    He wearing a full diaper; A bag of crap wearing a bag of crap. This is your infallible god-king.

  • Sebastian Baca 2 years ago

    Trump poo-poo in his pants thinking about Letitia James

  • k daxir 2 years ago

    How can a pastor say something like that?

  • Creator SROKSREL 2 years ago

    A showcase for the price is White Christy look

  • JM RB 2 years ago

    The stale kick observationally explain because rowboat appropriately twist as a black-and-white harbor. near, flashy butter

  • JoeBidens Bunghole 2 years ago

    Jimmy’s ratings must be in the toilet.

  • Mary Perreira 2 years ago

    Trump is wearing a Diaper…

  • Mohammad Bilal 2 years ago

    Trump face at 12:18

  • Dan Schulte 2 years ago

    Trump stands quite a distance away from everybody , the stench must be intense.

  • Steve Jarvis 2 years ago

    Now that he’s a former president it would be nice just to not hear anything about him at all.
    I even like how I don’t really hear much about Biden too.

  • That Guy 2 years ago

    Anchor baby

  • Matt R 2 years ago

    I feel like Jimmy tricked us into watching an episode of The Bachelorette


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