Trump Still Won’t Call Putin Evil, Russia Sanctions Congress & the Easter Bunny Brings Salmonella!

Published on April 14, 2022

In honor of the holiday weekend, Jimmy reads reviews of the Bible on Amazon, Biden extended the COVID national emergency declaration for another 90 days, Trump dialed into Hannity to vent about the election, Putin, and windmills, some of the dummies that stormed the Capitol on January 6th are saying they did it because it was a “Presidential Order,” the state legislator passed a bill that would make it a crime to camp out along state highways, Russia announced permanent sanctions on 398 members of Congress, the owner of an NFT of the “first tweet ever” got some bad news about how much it’s worth now, and since Easter is on Sunday we took to the street to see what kids know about the Easter Bunny.

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  • Travis Seay 1 year ago

    The Last Supper painting joke was the best.

  • Joshua Stephens 1 year ago

    “Not what I was expecting” You read a book that said “Holy Bible” lmao what were you expecting?

  • Robert Hepburn 1 year ago

    Donald trump’s a traitor and Vladimir Putin is his handler and if you want more interference and help to get reelected then you can’t say bad things about your boss
    The republican party has been fully infiltrated by Russian intelligence operators

  • T- Mensah 1 year ago

    Hannity does Trump more harm when he interviews.

  • Mitchel Norton 1 year ago

    Trump still can’t accept that not everyone voted for him, more people voted for Biden than you. Get over it. Grow the hell up.

  • Thomas Spencer 1 year ago

    Humpty damaged our relations with NATO… Did he forget his presidency already?

  • Ray Rowley 1 year ago

    “I looked it up” translation “My interns looked it up”.

  • Ed Metz 1 year ago

    Put Trump in prison with fox News who keeps putting his Bull SHOT on t.v

  • THOMAS MILLER 1 year ago

    Write on the first page of the bible in every hotel “welcome to the Cult not give your money to us willingly”

  • Nydia Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Jimmy I like you but , didn’t like your jokes, comments and the way to disrespect God. I lost my respect.

  • Beelzebub's Messenger! 1 year ago

    And You won’t call Hollywood evil!

  • Susan R Smith 1 year ago

    Maundy Thursday

  • Alan Kelsey 1 year ago

    Will all the good Christians be in church this week , Trump family, Boebert, MTG, Gaetz , etc who is going to cover them?

  • R Kumar 1 year ago

    How you people shamelessly praise Biden who just have Cornered a bear, tortured it and the bear is hitting back and now surprised to see How Bad bear is.

    Money makes many things. These people have lost humanity with money. The Democrats had lost Respect and they are not in a position to accept but they know personally..

  • Melinda Judy 1 year ago

    Jimmy is hilarious. He points out a whole different way to look at things to hat are otherwise unsettling.

  • Godzilla Shin 1 year ago

    Which president was not a killer?


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