Trump Siphons Money for His Wall & A German Amusement Park Sparks Outrage | The Daily Show

Published on September 8, 2019

President Trump diverts billions of dollars from the military to fund his border wall, and an amusement park ride in Germany is shut down after parkgoers noted it resembled a swastika.



  • Curtis Harvey 1 year ago

    So you telling me nobody saw this on the blueprint

  • San Geet 1 year ago

    It’s silly to carry hang-ups like that – get over it and stop insisting someone change something harmless because you can’t move on. There are certainly several other commonly used shapes, symbols etc, that you can attach to something unpleasant that happened – you cannot make everyone change everything to suit your sensibilities – what appeals to you might ‘offend’ another one. Nazis looked and dressed like human beings – you offended seeing a human being? Unnecessary distractions

  • Tina C. 1 year ago

    Hey… until now I was your fan ???

  • Karsten Wehsner 1 year ago

    “The most shocking thing for me is that germans have amusement parks” lol What a moron. Looks like he still hasn’t digested that his swiss father left the family. This is where his antipathy for all german speaking countries is coming from. By the way your german accent is really bad, you should work on it! Sounds more like Schwarzenegger but he is austrian but i am sure you don’t know the difference.

  • sydney wellington 1 year ago

    from Europe: It’s so absurd to me to see the USA living a dystopia, that I
    cannot be amused anymore. I’m waiting for people to find solutions, to stop the madness. And I’m so concerned that the happy ending is not close. Soon, he will destroy the world to prove that he’s right. He didn’t lose his mind. He never had it. He is a dangerous narcissist. And is so sad to me to discover how many people adore to be cheated by him.
    When the experiment will be over?

  • lazy Guitarist 1 year ago

    That’s how much he hates mexicans LOL. As a Mexican good job you Trump Supporters. You guys have managed to hire Hitler and pay for it??????

  • Dexon 1 year ago


  • John Taylor 1 year ago

    Who cares anymore?

  • Cynthia Bonsignore 1 year ago

    Nothing says safety of the United States like defunding the military if you believe in that kind of thing blah blah blah

  • guerrero azteca 1 year ago

    Trump supporters “But at least he doesn’t take a knee”… ???

  • Kasomoru Mitsuru 1 year ago

    That wall is to keep us in, not to keep them out.

  • Jared Morrow 1 year ago

    This guy is a fuckin joke. Mexico needs an airforce to invade anyone.

  • Altar360 1 year ago

    So the same party that would call you unpatriotic and accuse you to hating America for not supporting the troops and the pointless wars that take said troops’ lives and leaves them PTSD ridden and broken, is now taking funds from them to build their stupid wall which will not even come close to release their stupid immigration issue.

    Look, regardless on how you feel on this supposed immigration issue, you have to realize a border wall will not work. Most immigrants don’t come in waves of thousands and overwhelm the border. You guys realize that, right?

  • JK F1 1 year ago

    Protecting the US and its citizens is a bad thing? Loser lefty logic.

  • potatogamer 52 1 year ago

    wow we are paying for it no shit smart president the wall the wall that makes us broke lol dead ass HAHAHAHA!!

  • Tim Barry 1 year ago

    Eagles on something that’s shaped like a swastika? How could that be an accident in Germany?

  • The revolution We Got Next 1 year ago

    Man if they was going to fix Puerto it would have been already fixed,now they just making up shit,we start half the wars anyway us military don’t need all that money half the killing in America coming from Mass shooter,so now they gonna make it look like he taking money from keeping us safe, if anything Americans could us that money for schools the homeless gobal warming etc…

  • Andromeda of Spectrum 1 year ago

    Ah, design flaws

  • ReachingBeyond Skies 1 year ago

    He cried, pouted, threw a temper tantrum and the Pentagon gave in. It’s not about the wall, it’s about the money that he gonna pocket from this.


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