Trump Sinks in Polls, Protesters Call to Defund the Police: A Closer Look

Published on June 10, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at how the protests sweeping the country have rocked Donald Trump’s presidency and galvanized public opinion in favor of a fundamental rethinking of how policing works in the United States.

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  • Arias Beardslee 2 years ago

    I like what you have to say but its hard to hear with so many lame unecessary jokes just shoved in the script. You really ought to consider pacing and editing to make these more effective and less mind numbing. Look at it this way: would you listen to yourself if you met yourself at a party talking like youre on coke one run on sentence bleeding into another with all kinds of jokey sidenotes? seth, cmon you are better than this. Just talk to us, man. You really dont have to make us laugh anymore ok?

  • Trvr Shoe 2 years ago

    Really amazing explanations in here. Nothing to disagree with. If you do, you’re braindead

  • Malik Arran 2 years ago

    So, it’s not “defund the police” (which is unnecessarily reductive and inflammatory). It’s “reallocate resources (into soft power community strengthening initiatives) and retrain the police.”

    Reminds me of the diplomatic foreign policy efforts of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, or Thomas Barnett’s calls to streamline the bloated military budget into leaner special operations focused on immediate threats rather than destructive, protracted deployments of occupying forces to secure foreign oil reserves.

    The Lexus and the Olive Tree meets religious extremism. Facebook vs. Jihad. The interests of the people vs. entrenched power. Local customs and cuisines vs. modern palettes and McWorld. Soul food and body image vs. updated health education programs.

    Animal cruelty and coronavirus.

    Time’s are changing. Everything’s getting ramped up into HD. It’s almost as if we expect entrenched problems to change. Ahh, young people. Such an inspiring time to be alive.

  • Vannic Wolf 2 years ago

    No one really wants Biden.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    Spending 400k to fuel narcissism? Cool and normal!

  • Doug Stubbs 2 years ago

    Political Playbook 101; If you don’t like the message, sue the messenger.

  • Jim Pinel 2 years ago

    it would be cheaper to give trump a timeout instead of running ads to ease his tantrums

  • Mark Ristig 2 years ago

    It’s time to finish this war and vote Dump out of WhiteHouse.

  • betterdayz2nite 2 years ago

    50 was aiming for the camera and not to hit the camera guy

  • Drogone 2 years ago

    Well… I could practice my keto-taco technique to figure out why it’s setting off my fire *and* Co² alarms, but looking at budget sheets sounds good too. 🤔

  • akev v 2 years ago

    In October 2016, Clinton lead Trump by 14%.

  • Priya C 2 years ago

    All I can say now is : KEEP UP THE PROTESTS!

  • Kaz Wright 2 years ago

    Tucker is getting more and more orange. Is this a symptom of too much sperm consumption?

  • A D 2 years ago

    Literally no worse person to be the President right now!

  • Limen 2 years ago

    I usually think Seth is spot on but “Defund the Police” is a dumb slogan because English. It’s not like “Black Lives Matter” where conservatives tried to twist it. Defund the police means abolish the police even if that’s not what the activists intended.

  • Mozokuni 2 years ago

    Trump will always have his deplorables. His base would vote for Hitler over a Democratic candidate. 35% of the country has been brainwashed by right-wing propaganda.. WE NEED TO VOTE!!! It’s the only way!

  • Zeke the Freak 2 years ago

    “Woke malitia”?!?! I thought that the left was trying to “take away guns”?!? 😂😂😂

  • Master Guru 2 years ago

    polls dont matter

  • MVVpro 2 years ago

    The similarities between the Trump presidency and the last voyage of the Titanic are striking.

  • Liz Seto 2 years ago

    Peonies, the Queen of flowers!


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