Trump Signs $700 Billion Defense Bill, Arby’s New Sandwich – Monologue



  • Oluwatosin Adeshokan 12 months ago

    I’m the first! Go follow me on Twitter @theOluwatosin

  • naughtynun 12 months ago

    to roy moore child toucher……….. bye Felicia !!!

  • Shai Hulud 12 months ago

    3:09 I used to live by that building and always thought it had a…funny look myself haha. Its a decommissioned nuclear plant iirc, outside Miramar Base in California.

  • Luc Sasaki 12 months ago

    HE LOST!!!! Americans might not be as stupid as I thought.

  • tenacious645 12 months ago

    I get personally offended when Seth brings up Eric and doesn’t do a “father!” Impression. He knows I like it and won’t do it >.<

  • BlockRockinBeats 12 months ago

    Seth’s Arnie sounds like Fozzie Bear.

  • CinnE 12 months ago

    Yeah Seth, I’m up late, couldn’t really sleep. Why? Alabama G-Damn! “Screw You and Your Horse,” writes the NY Post. You did the right thing, ‘Bama. We, the rest of nation, thank you!

  • Ed Diepstra 12 months ago

    I’ve heard the GREAT news ! Congratulations America!!!!! The decency has won and Trump lost for the 2nd time … This already teach him!!
    Greatings from The Netherlends.

  • JoeKickass324 12 months ago

    I’m still surprised that half of Alabama still voted for a pedophile. I thought they were Christians, fuckin convicts kill pedos in jail. Do convicts have better morals than half Alabama citizens

  • Blue Skies 12 months ago

    And, hopefully that’s the Last Time we will have to see Roy Moore’s photo.

  • Heracross X 12 months ago

    1:05 *WOW.* Bannon isn’t even _trying_ to be subtle about his villainy.

  • rouxel001 12 months ago

    That’s not a sandwich that’s a meal

  • TSK 12 months ago

    Sorry to ‘disappoint’ you Seth, wrong guess. And congrats.

  • DethstruXioN ™ 12 months ago

    Doug Jones won!! Suck it Moore.
     … and. what? Stonehenge was made to honor penises? Typical.

  • Ro G 12 months ago

    Roy Moore’s campaign closing dinner is at Chuck E Cheese.

  • smcg 12 months ago

    That thumbnail made me so hungry

  • Rohypno tist 12 months ago

    I always thought defense meant to protect , shouldn’t this be the offense bill ?

  • New Message 12 months ago

    0:17 Notice the teenage girl running for her life in the background.

  • Roedy Green 12 months ago

    Americans are crazy. They spend more on the military than the rest of the world put together. They can nuke anyone to oblivion in under 30 minutes. They have hundreds of bases all over the planet. Who are they afraid of they need to spend another $700 billion?

  • jeck jeck 12 months ago

    Suspecto…. nice. Also, ROY PEDO LOST! Alabama ‘Actually’ made a good choice… I didn’t see that coming.


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