Trump Signals Interest In 2020 Election Interference

Published on June 13, 2019

If there’s something strange in your presidential campaign. Who ya gonna call? “Trump voice” NOT the FBI. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • S Clair 5 months ago

    And yet… Wheres the action against him?

  • alexander williams 5 months ago

    Upvote for the Nixon

  • Khoa Do 5 months ago

    Ken doll with smoother genitals 😂😂😂😂

  • freaker126 5 months ago

    lol. we don’t even need a lawyer or a cop to catch trump. Just call a journalist and he’ll practically divulge all his crimes and crimes to be. Even dumb and dumber smarter than Trump. No wonder, even grandma Nancy Pelosi says it’s not worth it to indict trump. :p

  • SUN GODIS 5 months ago

    “Since when is breaking the law a crime?” Stephen is a savage!😉🤣

  • CalebDoesStuff 5 months ago

    One of your best monologues

  • nbbim2012 5 months ago

    It’s even worse when he tells the truth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt Nelson 5 months ago

    Trump played you Dims into admitting that what your side has been doing is wrong. The Russian Dossier was made using foreigners, bought and paid for by the DNC and Clinton. Now that y’all admit it is a crime, let the indictments begin! Adam Schiff was ready and willing to accept foreign dirt on Trump when the two comedians posing as Russian informants called him. Lock him up too!

  • SHOATIEZ 5 months ago

    Russia, if youre listening.
    Why dont you,.
    You already did?

  • Gina Sy 5 months ago

    He will need Mayor Pete to translate that call from Norway. 🤣🤣🤣

    Seriously, cant we just take this as Trump crying for help? He obviously hates his job. Trump might be more frustrated than us, right now. “What should I do or say for these people to kick me out? Fire me already!”


  • lich109 5 months ago

    Trump meets the Prince of whales every day, he just has to look in the mirror. He meets him just before he meets the president of the Virgin Islands.

  • Benmore Peak 5 months ago

    Donald Trump: Spamerican President.

  • Candice Pederson 5 months ago

    This isn’t too surprising seeing how he asked Russia to get Hillary’s emails during his last campaign right in front of cameras.

  • M 3 5 months ago

    CNN, why do u even give air time to someone like Rick Santorum?

  • Nancy M 5 months ago

    That last joke had me coughing up a grape I was chewing on…🤣🤣🤣

  • Pathogen7 5 months ago

    Came for the Trump takedowns. Stayed for the whalesong.

  • Lorena Arias 5 months ago

    Hahahaha Hahahahahaha!!! The Prince of WHALES??? The Prince of Moby Dick? Hahahahaha hahahahaha

  • John M 5 months ago

    Well, he was a Female Body Inspector in college and beyond. Idgit

  • GlassTopRX7 5 months ago

    That was good but not better than the dolphin chick.

  • noisedreams 5 months ago

    The us gov always have interference all the time, from superpacs, corporations, and lobbying orgs.. some of them are foreign or paid for by foreign interests and they shape the policies


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