Trump Sics Military On Peaceful Protesters And Clergy To Make Way For Bible Photo Op

Published on June 3, 2020

On Monday, the President of the United States ordered military police to fire on peaceful demonstrators assembled outside the White House, including church clergy members, so he could walk to St. John’s Church to pose with a Bible for the most bizarre and pointless photo op of this presidency to date. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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  • strangefruit 2 years ago

    This has got so bad I don’t even think this is funny.

  • Mr. D 2 years ago

    Not very long then trump will blame the previous administration for the protests.

  • Carla Mountenay 2 years ago

    Trump’s solution to police violence is more police violence.
    This tyrant needs to go, he is destroying your great country and the whole world is watching.
    Who has he made America great again for?
    He promised to drain the swamp and instead he filled it. He has divided you and abandoned you.
    The world is watching in horror as the most powerful country becomes the most chaotic.
    If you are not a millionaire, you need to vote this man out, because he doesn’t care about you.
    A president is supposed to work for and represent all the people. Can any American honestly say this man has every US citizen’s best interest in mind?

  • Gerasimos Christoforatos 2 years ago

    What the “hell” is he doing with that book? That is the funniest “shit” ever.

  • yogi 2 years ago

    A TV personality becomes President..You end up with the Gong Show

  • Dloin 2 years ago

    Why is everybody pretending that Trump never red the Bible? That book is bloodier then any of my Death Metal Albums. That men is on a crusade and he uses this book just like all the rulers before him.

  • Bumpkin 2 years ago

    Please tell me this idiot president will not be re-elected.

  • Curtis Cassell 2 years ago

    I almost honestly like your home shows better!

  • Reynee Rainey 2 years ago

    Ok – that bishop joke was the first genuine laugh I had in weeks! XD

  • fireshadowblade9 2 years ago

    I talked to my dad today. He’s very much a Conservative, though he is also pretty bipartisan in his values, so he’s nowhere near far-right. He’s always voted Republican, he voted for Bush both times, he voted for McCain, he voted for Romney, and he voted for Trump. When Trump started his term, my dad quickly began to dislike him more and more; while he agreed with a few of his policies, he said that every time he opened his mouth, it really made him regret it. And now, today, he said something I never thought I’d hear him say: “I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for him again.” I asked him what changed, and he said “How can anyone say that they will use military force against civilians?” Neither one of us are big Biden fans, and I don’t like that this election cycle is basically another “lesser of two evils” scenario, but Trump is only making things worse, and a Biden presidency might be an interim for something more positive later. For once, we hoped that he could have tried to sympathize with this horrible situation and spoke about unity, but instead he’s doing things like this.

  • kusama ID 2 years ago

    Yes you only have one law
    Because you broken so many law
    That now you only have one.

  • Maximus Malcolm 2 years ago

    The police even viciously attacked Australian journalists. Trump and his minions seem to have a problem with everyone who’s not from America

  • charles b 2 years ago

    President double stuffed🤯💀🤣

  • wasdwasdedsf 2 years ago

    peaceful protestors lol. nobody outside of your brainded sheep echochamber are as brainwashed as you thinking this. hence why you elected a senile ped0 as your main candidate to becom them oster powerful man in the world. hence why you will get crushed as the clowns you are

  • Matt Steele 2 years ago

    Is it actually possible to get U.N. intervention?
    Here’s the website to file a Human Rights Violation:

  • Kellanas 2 years ago

    I guess sending the military to stop protestors is how he allows George Floyd’s death to live one.

  • Alexandra Lee Hurst 2 years ago

    Thank you, Stephen, for saying exactly what needed to be said. He had peaceful protestors standing ahead of him and he cleared his way forward by ordering his men to spray them with plastic bullets. I hope the day when all his many secrets are revealed, it will include the results of an IQ test administered and taken while on camera by stable geniuses who will share the results with the world. Your crucial work is as important in these times as the work of almost any hero in American history. You keep me alive.

  • LLMBC 2 years ago

    Melania looks like Diana from V with those glasses 😆

  • hodaka1000 2 years ago

    The orange oaf should show it’s tax returns

  • Amy Burns 2 years ago

    Outstanding show tonight Stephen


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