Trump Sends Stocks Tumbling With Hostage-Style Threat To Block Covid Stimulus Package Negotiations

Published on October 6, 2020

President Trump, who started spreading dangerous misinformation about the Coronavirus as soon as he left the hospital, sent the stock market into a panic on Tuesday when he tweeted that he would halt congressional negotiations on an economic stimulus bill until after the election. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

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  • Mehrdad Parthian 2 years ago

    10:21, HEY !!! cover your mouth before ending the skit, i’m not ready for the 4th wall to be broken yet !

  • Alfonso Ågren 2 years ago

    We must understand that Trump himself acts like a virus. He attaches himself to the living to be able to reproduce lies and then spread it like a pandemic. Symptoms are distrust in media, alternate truths and belief that there are underground societys controlling everything in reality. Which in a way would explain Trumps strange behaviour patterns. Someone has a remote that need new batteries. Trumps receieving unit might also be spoilt and he now is in a loop.

  • Mark Williams 2 years ago

    “I would have had better lighting. Also, Der Fuerher wore tailored suits.”

    L. Riefenstahl

  • ALove 2 years ago

    The last part about LGBTQAI+ rights and the Religious Right: it’s so typical of those with privilege to be more concerned with being CALLED BIGOTS than actually thinking about victims of you know actual BIGOTRY.

  • bobosally 2 years ago

    That exit cue tail of John Batiste playing non pop jazz piano,…..more please. His talent as a jazz player is mind blowing and sheer joy. Discovered this side of his talent recently on YouTube. Hardly ever hear that from him on your show Steven. BTW – your show is our lifeline to sanity and hope. Bless You!!!!!

  • L J 2 years ago

    I have to wonder, at this point, if he really works for someone like Putin and is ordered to ruin America.

  • Ben usetawalk 2 years ago

    He wants people to think that he’s going to pass a stimulus and then they would vote for him and that he won’t give a stimulus he just doesn’t want to say it because it will make him lose worse

  • Llama King 2 years ago

    Oh good gerbles!

  • Frankiejean 2 years ago

    You’re kidding,right? Admit he was wrong? Not possible. NOTHING this freak does surprises me. NOTHING the Republicans support him in doing surprises me. My brain is burned out.

  • Patrick Hill 2 years ago

    Love the Blue Oyster Cult riff 🤣

  • NullReferenceException 2 years ago

    That campaign ad, did the tax payer foot the bill for that?

  • charles stuart 2 years ago

    Triumph of the Ill!!

  • M R 2 years ago

    Trump is such a traumatized child. How can anyone not see this? Of course he has a huge cult following, as they are reflections of severe trauma themselves.

  • Jesus Somolinos 2 years ago

    Trump como tiene estudios se ha podido pagar las medicinas y médicos que le han hecho falta. Moraleja estudiar.

  • Larry Berry 2 years ago

    “Unemployment coming back in record numbers”. That doesn’t actually sound good.

  • Fergal Hughes 2 years ago

    I don’t believe he had it.

    I never will until I hear the news that he has died from it.

  • Querube Kelso 2 years ago

    Trump is a demon, and those never change. So egocentric, narcissist that now he thinks he is over God.

  • Zesty 2 years ago

    (2:17) He went up the stairs twice? Just as well he didn’t have to walk down a ramp twice.

    May need a few re-takes of Trump being dragged out of the White House on Jan 20. Gotta capture that moment just right.

  • david williamson 2 years ago


  • Rufus T. Firefly 2 years ago

    Make America great again… again. The pure definition of insanity. It didn’t work the first time so let’s do it again. 🤦 🔨👈👉🤪 PLEASE!


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