Trump Says It Would Be “Dangerous” to Impeach Him

Published on January 13, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, January 12.

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  • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel 11 months ago

    * for him, ofcourse :))))

  • Shitstirrer 11 months ago

    If that’s the case let’s skip impeachment. I’ll start building the guillotine in the rose garden

  • Retta Williams-Green 11 months ago

    Would be far worse to keep him.

  • Île-de- France 11 months ago

    🚨 *Capitol ‘rioter who wanted to shoot Nancy Pelosi’s noggin’ arrested* Supporter of *Donald Trump allegedly used sexist slurs as he sent texts about plans to use stockpiled ammunition*

    🚨 *Capitol rioter found with homemade napalm had folder with ‘good guy, bad guy’ list and numbers for Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity* Man said his explosive devices were filled with melted Styrofoam and gasoline

    The folder carried by Lonnie Coffman, a Trump supporter at the Capitol riot, with numbers for Sen. Ted Cruz and conservatives media pundits written on the cover. He was found with 11 Molotov cocktails in his vehicle and two unregistered pistols. (US District Court )

    A 70-year-old *Trump supporter who brought homemade napalm to the Capitol riot was reportedly also carrying a list of “good guys” and “bad guys” on the day of the insurrection that included the numbers of lawmakers and conservative political pundits.*

    Coffman is one of 13 individuals who have been federally charged for actions taken during the attack on the Capitol. Police discovered 11 Molotov cocktails and guns in his vehicle.

    *Police also found a blue Motel 6 folder containing a “good guys” and “bad guys” list. One of the “bad guys” was a judge. The list also included the name of Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat, which the list notes “is one of two” Muslims in the House of Representatives.*

    🚨 *Capitol riots: Trump-supporting rioters dragged a police officer down the Capitol stairs and one of them beat the officer with a flag pole, a shocking video from the storming of the Capitol shows.*

    Must Watch *”Inside the U.S. Capitol Attack, By Journalist Sandi Bachom”* on YouTube

  • Re- Sister 11 months ago

    He’s riling up the mob every time he opens his mouth.

  • Asha Chowdhury 11 months ago

    The smart silica conversly prepare because shingle preauricularly trap onto a successful stepmother. sore, painstaking motorboat

  • Thomas 11 months ago

    trump has done more than cold war Russia in pitting America’s against each other, by party, by religion, ethnic and other social sections. He’s accomplished quite a bit with a lotta help from his enablers and groups wanting to break up the United States. Let history remember him for his high crimes and misdemeanors .

  • rostam rostam 11 months ago

    Trump’s mantra: My authority is total but I don’t take responsibility at all.

  • Nelson Thibeau 11 months ago

    I think the tail about Doug is just locker room talk🤣

  • Barry Davis 11 months ago

    I put “Donald Trump on my voice mail for a tastless joke. Cant remove it cause I forgotton the password. Im so lonely now…and lost my job cause I didnt pick up when my boss called…he didnt think it was funny either.

  • Ed Oversen 11 months ago

    You watch this trash and call it news. Stupid people, you’re being played.

  • Bevan Palmer 11 months ago

    Lmao… people get there news from these want a be comedians now…
    Lord help us…

  • Bruno Garutti 11 months ago

    US you need a trial by combat! The democracy champion will be John Wick. 😎

  • Betty Frame 11 months ago

    Ohhhh ya burnt! “Nothing already is!” That deserves a chef’s kiss!

  • Brian Jennings 11 months ago

    Colbert brought back the Giant Impeach..
    .. that’ll be fun.

  • Andrew Mackay 11 months ago

    why bother to impeash him at this late stage? he has to face all the law suits against him when he leaves office not to mention the crippling state his business empire is in..he’s finished in more ways than one yet he continues to wriggle around like a speared eel

  • Hiberno Pithecus 11 months ago

    Name nothing after him? No.

    Open the “Tronald J Dump Human Waste Processing & Recycling Facility”.
    In Georgia.

    Yeah, you sure won in Georgia, Donnie.

  • Barney T-Rubble 11 months ago

    Congresswoman: we need a bill so that nothing is named after Trump.
    Trump: Jokes on you, loser! Everyone will name it as the Trump bill. I have all the best bills named after me…

  • T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 11 months ago

    The greater idiot leading the lesser idiots. You’d think it’d produce a group of people who were like: “Wow, my God. Our societies are destroying themselves.” But it hasn’t — apart from a tiny group like you and me, I suppose. Mostly, it’s produced is ones who call all this “freedom” and “liberty” and “choice.” None of these things are “choices.” They are abuses of power. The lesser idiots abuse their social and cultural power, and though those are small powers, they add up to great and terrible things, like we witnessed, the storming of our Capitol. The whole world is laughing at America now — when it’s not busy being horrified by us.

  • fran haferkamp 11 months ago

    “Nothing already is” bahabbahah!!!! SO true!


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